20 Small ISO and CSO PPSSPP Games for Android 2023

indoglobenews.co.id – Playing Play Station games on an Android device is of course very fun, especially since there are many games on PS that are popular with cellphone users. Therefore, we need something called a small size PPSSPP game emulator so you can install it on Android, so that your wishes can be fulfilled.

By using this small size PPSSPP game, of course it won’t burden the smartphone device you are using, that way you can play all the Play Station games on your Android cellphone. Octoberbe you want to reminisce about playing games like GTA, PES, Naruto, or other popular games among the masses.

You can do this activity to fill your free time, so that after being tired from working all day you can relax and enjoy playing games again. And perhaps some of you are looking for a download link for this small PPSSPP game? So in this review, apart from sharing the review, we also share the complete download link.

However, before we share the download link for this ppssspp emulator, first you have to understand at a glance about the emulator. This is so that you don’t get confused when using this PS game emulator.

You should also note that we divide the small size PPSSPP game itself into two formats, the first is ISO format and the second is CSO format, so you just have to choose which format you want to use. Because here we have prepared both, just take a look at the complete review below.

Review of the PPSSPP Game

Review of the PPSSPP Game

As we have explained above, this small PPSSPP game is a game emulator that is very popular among gamers, you can download and install this emulator on all smartphone devices, whether Android or iOS.

With the help of PPSSPP, you can of course play Play Station games portable, meaning you can play PS games just via smartphone. So we no longer need to rent from a PS rental if we want to play games.

All you have to do is download this small PPSSPP game, then you can play the PS game on your cellphone. So, on this occasion we have also prepared a collection of PPSSPP games with a light size, below we are sharing approximately 20 games. Just take a look at the details as follows.

Collection of the Latest Small Size PPSSPP Games 2023

Collection of the Latest Small Size PPSSPP Games 2022

There are approximately 15 or 20 small PPSSPP games that you can play on Android devices, and these are the most popular games and have quite a lot of users. The following include:

Pro Evolution Soccer 2012

Pro Evolution Soccer 2012

For soccer game fans, of course you are already familiar with the PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) game. This game offers quite exciting gameplay, plus good quality graphics, making it a small PPSSPP game that is most popular with Android users.

What’s more, for men who in fact like the sport of football, you have definitely played this PES game, whether on PlayStation 1, 2 or 3. Now with this small PPSSPP game, you can play this game on your Android device, of course. does not reduce the excitement of the game.

GTA Vice City Stories

GTA Vice City Stories

The second PlayStation game which is also the target of Android players is GTA, this game is very exciting to play with the games offered and there are also many obstacles in it making this game very popular. Moreover, with the help of this Small Size PPSSPP Game, you can immediately play this game on your cellphone.

Wipeout Pure

Wipeout Pure

Games Wipeout Pure is a car racing game that was quite trendy at that time, and now you can play the game on Android complete with the latest features and other additions to make the game even more exciting. Therefore, you can just download the game using this ppsspp emulator.

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

This snake game provides a very simple but addictive gameplay for the players, where you have to be able to control a nuclear bomb so that it doesn’t explode. Just download this small PPSSPP game, then you can play the game.


The next Small Size PPSSPP game is Lumines, this game is also quite popular with Android users who want to experience a different sensation when playing PS games on an Android smartphone. This game is also of the Puzzle genre where you have to be able to raise the level in order to complete the game.

Aces of War

By having a size of only 122 MB, this game is also widely played by Android users. With the help of this Small Size PPSSPP Game, the smartphone used will not be slow when operating it.

Because now you have been helped with the Small Size PPSSPP Game, so you can play PS games on Android without having to slow down because the size is quite friendly.

Dave Mirra BMX

For BMX fans, of course you are already familiar with this Play Station game. Yes, it is a game that offers quite an exciting game that makes players addicted and want to always play it, especially with the presence of this small PPSSPP game. Then you can just play PS games via Android smartphone.

Monster Hunter

This game is a superior product from a developer called Capcom, which carries the Action-Adventure genre which makes this game very popular. The gameplay presented really makes players addicted, and now you can play the game with the help of this PPSSPP emulator.

Naruto Shippuden Ninja Impact

If we look at the name, this game certainly has an adventurous theme and the character played is a ninja. Where you will become a ninja and are also required to be able to complete all existing obstacles and also defeat existing enemies, just download the game and install it on your Android cellphone using PPSSPP.

Zuma Space

This game was quite popular on the PlayStation, where players had to be able to shoot balls of the same color in order to get points. So, if you want to reminisce and also want to play this game on your Android cellphone? So you can use the small size PPSSPP game which we have prepared here the link.

God of War Ghost Sparta

Adventure-Action-Hack games have always been the main choice for gamers, how could this game not provide a lot of excitement and of course you will also feel relaxed after a long day of work when you play this game.

What’s more, by using this PPSSPP game, you can play the game directly on your Android smartphone, so you can play anywhere and anytime without having to come to the PS rental first.

Tekken 6

Who doesn’t know this Tekken game, the most popular game among PS users in the past. And did you know that you can use this game on your smartphone, so of course you can play it anytime and anywhere. However, if you want to download and install this game, you need a PPSSPP game emulator.

Dragon Ball Z

For the next game, namely Dragon Ball z, which you can play on your cellphone, this game is an action genre where you have to be able to defeat all the enemies and also win the battle in order to become the champion.

Now you can play this game on Android with the help of the small size PPSSPP Game emulator right now, just download the link here.

Assassin’s Creed Bloodlines

Almost the same as the Naruto game, with a ninja theme, this PlayStation game is in great demand among Android users, so with the emergence of this small PPSSPP game, you can do all of that. Therefore, just download this sophisticated emulator to install lots of PS games on your Android phone.

Need for Speed ​​– Most Wanted

For PS game lovers, of course you have often played this car racing game, by presenting an exciting game that makes us addicted to wanting to play it all the time. However, it is very complicated if we have to go back and forth to the PS rental to be able to play this game, so just use the PPSSPP emulator and you can play this game on Android.

The final word

That’s the discussion we can convey in this review regarding the Latest Small Size PPSSPP Game 2023, if you are curious and also want to play PS games on your Android cellphone? So just download it directly from the link we have provided above. Thank you and hope it is useful.

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