2023 Electricity Token Offline Schedule, Check Here

Electricity token top-up services from PLN are widely available in various outlets and merchants throughout Indonesia. It won’t be difficult for you to find and buy electricity tokens if you run out, but there is an important thing you should know, there is an electricity token offline schedule that will prevent you from being able to buy tokens at that offline time.

Offline Schedule for Purchasing Electricity Tokens

As stated by PLN, the PLN server will be offline for 2 hours. Electric token offline time occurs every day from 23.00 WIB to 01.00 WIB.

Therefore, you will not be able to purchase electricity tokens at these times. And there is no way to buy electricity tokens at 12 at night.

If you run out of electricity in the middle of the night, the earliest you can buy a token is at 01.01, provided the PLN server is online again. This offline service for purchasing electricity tokens only applies to prepaid electricity.

When you enter the PLN token offline schedule, you cannot purchase electricity tokens, even through ATMs, e-wallets such as Gopay, Ovo, Dana or other places to purchase, because at that time the PLN server is closed, although you can still make purchases, it is possible to make these purchases. will not succeed or experience failure or even be delayed.

PLN’s offline electricity token server system is indeed a slight weakness of PLN because it cannot provide maximum service 24 hours a day to its users. Not a few users have complained about the offline system on this server.

If by chance there are people who really need electricity in the middle of the night, but cannot buy tokens and have to wait until the PLN server is online, this will definitely cause difficulties for the users.

What happens if you buy Electricity Tokens while offline?

You already know the time limit for topping up electricity tokens, but if you accidentally purchase an electricity token when the PLN server is offline and you don’t get the electricity token, just relax and wait until the server comes online again at 01.01 or later. It is possible that if you have already purchased a token, the token will settle and then be processed when the server goes online.

So you don’t need to worry about the balance you used to buy electricity tokens being forfeited, but if your token hasn’t appeared by morning, immediately contact PLN customer service or go to the nearest PLN office.

Indeed, PLN must also pay attention to the server, by carrying out an offline system on the server it will make the server better maintained and healthier, it does not rule out the possibility that if there is a failure or problem because the server is damaged it will lead to longer maintenance, and even disrupt user comfort.

Where to Buy Electricity Tokens?

Purchasing electricity tokens can be done at many merchants, from Indomart to small outlets that already provide PPOB payments. If you follow the purchasing times from existing merchants and outlets, you have to adjust to the opening hours of those merchants or outlets.

Octoberbe you can buy an electricity token at around 02.00 at Indomart which is open 24 hours, but if you choose to buy an electricity token at an outlet near your house which is usually only open until 10.00 at night, you will be forced to come back in the morning to buy the token. electricity.

PLN’s service promise to its users

PLN always promises maximum service to its users, it is hoped that in the future PLN can continue to provide the best service. One way is to create a server system that is more capable and can support token purchase transactions 24 hours a day, so that users can buy electricity tokens at any time without being limited by the electricity token offline schedule.

Moreover, currently PLN already has a service for purchasing electricity tokens anywhere, which makes it very easy for users to purchase electricity tokens. PLN’s services are also well maintained, it is possible that PLN will become the best state-owned company in Indonesia if it successfully implements this 24-hour server.

The final word

Once again, the offline schedule for electricity tokens will be valid from 23.00 to 01.00 at night. Prepaid electricity users are advised not to make purchases at that time, because it is feared that later you will not get a token or even lose your balance, you should buy tokens on midday.

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