3 Easy Ways to Change Country in Play Store

How to Change Country in Play Store – If you are an Android cellphone user, your cellphone automatically uses Google services (except Huawei). These services are Google Play Store, YouTube, Gmail, Maps, Drive and many more.

One of the most important application products on Android is the Google Play Store. There we can download and buy various applications, games, films and books.

Of course, each country offers products with different offers.

Some Android phone users want to know how to change the country in the Google Play Store, who knows what the exact purpose is.

Octoberbe because there is an interesting application event in the country you want or because you want to move to another country, or maybe because you just want to have a Play Store account using another country for fun.

So why are you looking for a tutorial on how to change country on the Play Store? Please, tell me.

Even though after I read it, it turns out that changing the country on Google Play has risks, guys. You have to read it, I explain below.

How to Change Country on Google Play Store

There are 3 different methods that will be shared, first via Google Play Store, using VPN and finally changing by changing the Payment Method.

Previously, please also note that changing the country in the Play Store can only be done once a year. So if you have changed the previous year and haven’t entered the following year, then you cannot change country.

But if you’ve never changed country on the Play Store, just try following the steps below, who knows, you can!

1. Play Store application

Changing the Play Store country can be set directly via the Play Store application, there is a settings menu. Below are the steps on how to change it:

  1. First open the latest version of the Google Play Store application.
  2. Then press the Google account profile in the top right corner.
  3. open google play store
  4. A menu list pop up window will appear, here you have to select Settings.
  5. Go to play store settings
  6. Next press menu Generalthen a menu list will appear down.
  7. play store general settings
  8. Please select the menu Account and device preferences which contains Email, country & account history.
  9. country settings in play store
  10. Now on this page you can see the Play Store profile name and country of origin. Please press and change if you can.
  11. see country settings in play store
  12. Country changes take a maximum of 48 hours.

In the image above, Google also suggests that you can make these settings if you move to another country.

2. Change Payment Method

The second way to change the country on Play Store can also be done by changing the Google payment method. Here’s how:

  1. The first step is to visit the following link https://payments.google.com//payments/home#settings.
  2. After the payer page opens, please edit payment profile by pressing the “”Pencil“.
  3. Edit the Country/Region section (as you wish), Name and address, and document language preferences.
  4. Fill in the payment profile with correct data, don’t make it up or make it up.
  5. If everything is finished, just click “Save“.
  6. Next, restart the cellphone if necessary.
  7. Then check your Play Store profile, it should have changed.

The steps above are how to change the country on Google Play with the trick of changing Google Play Store payments.

3. Using a VPN

As we know, with the VPN application we can change the IP address and country location. Using a VPN using an external VPN can also change the country location when opening the Play Store.

  1. Open Google Play Store.
  2. Find and install a VPN application (any free one).
  3. Once installed, first exit the Play Store application.
  4. Now open your cellphone settings.
  5. Go to the application list settings.
  6. Then search for and select the Play Store application.
  7. Please delete the cache and data.
  8. Restart the cellphone if necessary.
  9. Open VPN and activate it, select the country you want.
  10. If so, open the Play Store again.
  11. The country in the Play Store should have been changed to match the VPN country.

Risks of Changing Country in Google Play Store

This risk is related to money, yes money! Digital money is called balance.

If your Google Play account contains quite a lot of balance and you try to change the country on your Google Play account, then you will no longer be able to use that balance in the country you choose later.

But the balance is still kept safe. Later, if you return the Play Store to your old country, you can use the balance again.

But yes, you can only change country once a year. So think carefully.

And one more very important risk. You will lose access to previously purchased Books, Films, TV, Games and Applications products.

The final word

That’s the tutorial on how to change the country on Google Play Store and the risks you have to bear. If you have any problems when changing countries, you can comment below, who knows, maybe I can help!

That’s enough for today’s article, I hope it helps, OK?

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