6 Ways to Easily Check Remaining BRI KUR Installments

How to Check Remaining BRI KUR Installments – Currently, many banks are offering loans in the form of KUR or People’s Business Credit for MSMEs.

Not without reason, this is in order to help the welfare of MSMEs in Indonesia. One of the banks that also offers KUR loan products is Bank BRI.

One of the best banks in Indonesia doesn’t only have savings products, you know. BRI Bank also has loan products such as KUR.

As a borrower, of course the customer must also pay the installments according to the initial agreement. Sometimes, because of the long installment time, you may forget how many installments you paid for the KUR.

To overcome this, Bank BRI also facilitates checking the remaining KUR installments. There are several ways you can check the details.

How to Check Remaining BRI KUR Installments

In fact, the officer or teller has explained the remaining BRI KUR installments. When a customer wants to borrow money, the payment procedure will be explained in detail at that time.

However, many customers forget or don’t focus when given this information. So, that’s why I wrote the article here. The following is a more complete explanation of how to easily check remaining BRI KUR installments.

1. Check the remaining BRI KUR installments in the Payment Note

The easiest way to check the remaining BRI KUR installments is to look at the previous payment receipt. However, to be able to check it, you have to calculate it manually.

Namely calculating how many installments have been paid and reducing the due date for the installment period. The remainder of the calculation is the remaining BRI KUR installment that you must pay. Very easy, right?

2. Check the remaining BRI KUR installments via ATM

If your location is close to a BRI ATM machine, you can check the remaining BRI KUR installments via the ATM machine. This method is most widely used because most customers do not activate internet banking and mobile banking services.

The steps for checking it are as follows.

  1. Visit the nearest BRI ATM to your location.
  2. Insert the ATM card into the machine.
  3. Choose Indonesian to make it easier.
  4. Input ATM PIN.
  5. Next select menu Payment.
  6. Select menu Credit card.
  7. and select name of BRI Bank.
  8. Please enter credit card number You.
  9. Wait a few moments until information about the amount of the bill that must be paid appears on the ATM screen.

3. Check the remaining BRI KUR installments via the Call Center

Using a payment note is very easy, but it does not rule out the possibility that the note could be lost. Apart from using the note, you can check the remaining BRI KUR installments via the Call Center. Contacting the Call Center is one solution that will be very helpful.

Here are the steps you can take.

  1. Turn on the cellphone, open the Phone menu.
  2. Call the BRI Call Center number, namely (021) 14017.
  3. Wait a few moments to contact the Call Center.
  4. Then immediately ask for the amount of the BRI KUR bill or installments.
  5. Don’t forget to provide information about who you are so that the Call Center can make it easier. Look for the name of the customer you are referring to.

That’s how to check the remaining BRI KUR installments using the Call Center. It is not impossible if your telephone cannot connect to the Call Center.

Because other customers could contact the Call Center at the same time. Therefore, you can choose to use the next method, namely via Internet Banking.

4. Check the remaining BRI KUR installments online via Internet Banking

If you have a smartphone and have registered for BRI Internet Banking, you can also immediately check the remaining BRI KUR installments online.

If you have a smartphone and have registered for BRI Internet Banking, you can also check it directly. No need to bother looking for receipts and contacting the Call Center, you just need to open your cellphone and use internet banking.

Following are the steps to check the remaining BRI KUR installments using Internet Banking.

  1. Open the device, it can be a computer or cellphone.
  2. Turn on data or connect to WIFI, make sure the network is smooth.
  3. Open Browser.
  4. Type https://ib.bri/co/id in the search column.
  5. Login using user ID and password.
  6. Enter the validation code.
  7. Select the Account menu.
  8. Click menu Loan Details which is in the Borrower Information menu.
  9. Click the loan account number.
  10. Look at the remaining installments in the information box on the screen.

5. Check the remaining BRI KUR installments via SMS Banking

The final way is to use the SMS Banking service. Customers can get information regarding BRI KUR payments just by sending an SMS, provided that the number used is registered in SMS Banking.

The steps for formatting and how to send the message are as follows.

  1. First turn on the cellphone and open the application Message.
  2. Please type a message as follows
  3. BRI BS nama#credit card number#date of birth#email.

  4. If it is correct, send it to the number 99333.
  5. Wait a few moments, then you will receive a reply SMS regarding the bill, due date and minimum payment amount.

6. How to check remaining BRI loans via BRImo

You can check BRI KUR installments via cellphone using the BRImo application. Here are the steps on how to check it:

  1. First Log in to the BRImo application.
  2. In the initial screen click Other.
  3. Scroll down and select menu BRI Loans.
  4. Then click View Details.
  5. Information about the loan list and the total remaining loan amount that you must pay will appear.

The final word

This is brief information that we can convey regarding how to check remaining BRI KUR installments using several methods, namely using the previous installment payment note, via Internet Banking, and contacting the Call Center.

You can choose which method you think is easiest to do. Because each method has its own advantages and disadvantages.

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