6 Ways to See Who Transferred to Our BCA Account

There are several ways to see who has transferred to our BCA account, you can check online or offline. BCA always makes it easy for its users to use its services and products without any hassle.

For online business people, checking bank transactions is definitely a very easy thing because it has become an activity that is done every day. In contrast to ordinary people or new customers, just seeing who is transferring may seem difficult.

Therefore, they must know how to use the services that have been created by BCA, one of which is checking account mutations to see who has transferred to their BCA account.

Well, fortunately here I will share the complete method. Just look at the explanation below.

How to See Who Transferred to Our BCA Account

To see who has transferred to a BCA account is very easy, just by checking the transactions in the account transfer we can find out everything.

Users can see incoming and outgoing transactions through the account mutation feature, all transactions will be recorded in the account mutation. For example, we want to know who transferred the account, when the transfer came in, the remaining balance information is all there.

You can view account mutations via the KlikBCA website, BCA Mobile application, SMS Banking or come to the nearest BCA office. With this service, it becomes easier for us to check.

The following are 6 ways you can do to see the complete transfer of people.

1. Check in Mobile Banking (m-BCA)

The first way is through the BCA Mobile application. In order to access this application you must register first via an ATM. If not, please come to the nearest BCA ATM and register for mobile banking.

  1. Open the app BCA Mobile.
  2. Select to m-BCA and enter 6 access codes.
  3. Select menu m-Info.
  4. Then select Account Movement.
  5. Open the BCA Mobile application
  6. Determine the transaction date you want to see, the maximum period that can be selected is 7 days. For example, from 20 – 27 October 2023.
  7. Then click the button Send.
  8. Account transaction information will appear, including the name of the transfer to your BCA account.
  9. Check who transferred to our BCA account

2. Check at KlikBCA

Just like BCA Mobile, to access BCA click, make sure you have registered for internet banking via a BCA ATM. Here’s how to see who transferred to a BCA account via KlikKBCA:

  1. Open a browser on your cellphone or laptop.
  2. Visit the website https://ibank.klikbca.com/.
  3. Enter USER ID and Internet Banking PIN.
  4. Select the Account Information menu.
  5. Then select Account Mutation.
  6. open the Klikbca website
  7. Determine the date of the transaction you want to see, the same as on BCA Mobile, the maximum period is 7 days. If so, click the View Account Movement button.
  8. Account transaction information will appear, including the name of the transfer to your BCA account.
  9. see who transferred to our BCA account

3. Check via BCA SMS Banking

SMS Banking can make it easier for users to carry out checks and transactions between banks. Users can view the history of transfer transactions, such as seeing who transferred the account. This is how to check it.

  1. Open your phone and go to Messages.
  2. Type SMS in the format:
  3. MUTATION (space) access code (4 digit number created when registering for SMS Banking at an ATM)

  4. Then send a message to number 69888.
  5. Wait for a reply, there will be transaction information including who transferred to your BCA account.

4. Check via LINE (VIRA)

Apart from SMS, Internet Banking and BCA Mobile, BCA also offers services via the LINE application. LINE Vira can be used to check balances and anyone who transfers to our BCA account.

  1. Open the LINE application.
  2. Search and add a LINE BCA account to your friends list.
  3. Then open the official BCA Bank account chat.
  4. In the chat window select the Banking menu.
  5. Then select Check Account Movements.
  6. Vira will display account mutation information for the last 5 transactions.

5. Check at a BCA ATM

If you haven’t activated any online services, no need to worry! You can come to a place that provides BCA ATM machines. Visit the nearest BCA ATM then follow the steps below.

  1. Insert the BCA debit card into the ATM machine slot.
  2. Enter the 6 digit PIN.
  3. Next select the ‘Other Transactions’ menu.
  4. Then select ‘Information’.
  5. Select ‘Account Transfer’.
  6. Wait a few moments until the ATM machine prints and issues a transaction receipt.
  7. If so, end the transaction to remove the card from the ATM machine.

6. Come to the nearest BCA branch office

The final method, if you can’t do it yourself, you should just come to the nearest BCA branch office. Ask the teller for help to print a bank statement. On this piece of paper you can see a list of transactions, including transfers to your BCA account.

  1. Come to the BCA office and take a queue number.
  2. Explain to the teller, the goal is to see who transferred to the BCA account and print the bank statement.
  3. Give the teller what you need for the check, such as your KTP, savings book and debit card.
  4. Wait for the teller to check and print the bank statement. The bank statement contains transaction information according to the specified date.

For your information, checking and printing a BCA bank statement will incur a printing fee of IDR 2,500 per sheet, this fee will be deducted directly from your BCA account balance.

The final word

Those are the 6 easiest ways that you can follow to see who has transferred to our BCA account, whether checking online or offline, both are equally easy to do.

To make things easier in the future, my suggestion is to come to the nearest BCA branch office and activate online services such as Mobile Banking or Internet Banking, so that one day transactions and checking accounts will be easier.

OK, that’s all I can say, hopefully it’s useful.

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