78 cool, short and mental FF bios that can be copied easily, complete with bio code!

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For Free Fire players, including a cool FF bio will not only attract the attention of other players, but also make enemies hit mentally. Here check out the various inspirations in this article!

Free Fire is one of them games number one with quite a large number of players, Sahabat 99.

Even though many say it’s graphic games This is low, but the Free Fire (FF) game is still a favorite among some players.

One of the interesting things about FF is the number of features and codes offered.

Starting from the FF redeem code to the FF color code so that the bio looks more attractive.

Not only that, you can also create a cool FF bio to attract the attention of other players.

What are the writings and FF codes?

Launch YouTube Reno2102 and other sources, check out the various inspirations below!

Cool FF Bio

cool bio ff

Source: YouTube/Reno2102

Apart from cool FF names, cool FF bio writing is also sought after by many users so that they can be respected by opposing players.

For those of you who are still confused, some of these Free Fire bio articles can be an inspiration.

Cool FF bio:

  1. Skin is not necessary, skill is number one
  2. The strategy has been prepared, why is it still being implemented?
  3. KD may be small, but his guts are not small
  4. It’s true that I’m empty, but not praying!
  5. His name is Atir, why are you playing like an amateur?
  6. Always keep Free Fire in your heart, prayers must never stop
  7. I thought it was hard but it turned out to be paper
  8. There’s nothing interesting, other than me and you fighting mechanics!
  9. Treasures, thrones, watch out!
  10. Elitpas is not necessary, prayer is still number one!
  11. Silent like a naughty child, moving to slaughter the temperature
  12. How many seconds do you want to be slaughtered?
  13. Get ready to go!
  14. My KD is really small, like your skills!
  15. Being good is recognized, not admitted
  16. Not dead, not stopped yet!
  17. Prefer the safe zone over the comfort zone
  18. HP may be a potato but skills are as high as stars
  19. Booyah, get ready to lose!
  20. Omelet mixed with crab, you war I’m looting

Bio Code FF

  1. Heart rate: [ff0000]
  2. Signal lag: [b][FF0000] 999+
  3. Red and white flag: [b][i] [FF0000]
  4. Elitpas: [DAA520]
    FF symbol code: [b][c]FREE F[FF8800]I[FFFFFF]RE[FF8800]
  5. V sign code: [b][c][FFD319] [CCCCCC]NICKNAME FF [0099FF][i]
  6. Bucin logo: [c][u][b]I LOVE [FF1C90] [FFFF00] RENATA
  7. Song playing logo: [00FFFF] 11.00
  8. Sg One Punch Man: [FF00FF]M1887[00FF22]
  9. FF Scar Titan:
  10. EVOS logo FF bio code: [#0000FF] EVOS
  11. Free Fire text: b][c] FREE F[FF8800]I[FFFFFF]RE [FF0000]
  12. Bio FF badge: [DAA520] 999 999 999

Short Cool FF Bio

  1. Im a monster
  2. Me vs Everybody
  3. Loser vs Trash
  4. Free Fire = Me
  5. It’s better to give up than lose
  6. There are no more beautiful words than giving up
  7. If you’re upset, please don’t disturb me!
  8. Dare to tease = challenge
  9. That’s normal
  10. Knock champion :p
  11. Sorry bro!
  12. The best
  13. The most FF athlete!
  14. 100% Losers?
  15. Single But Very Happy!
  16. Free Fire King

Cool FF Bio Gets Mental

  1. Don’t look at profiles, you’ll get mental!
  2. Be careful of being mentally affected
  3. Watch out, be mentally guarded
  4. In predatory CS, ranked lowly
  5. Why is your mentality like crackers? crunchy!!
  6. The CS mentality is nothing to be afraid of
  7. What mental porridge is that? Very soft!
  8. Are you mentally ready?
  9. Even though the bars are falling apart
  10. Profile bio that is displayed, mentality and skills that are hidden
  11. Mentally thin, want to be sliced?
  12. Tired of winning all the time, do you have a difficult opponent?
  13. Peeking at profiles = fear
  14. Mentally thin, ready to cry
  15. Promise not to cry?
  16. Blood is red, general!
  17. Trash mentality, you won’t be able to shake it
  18. I thought it was Baiwan, but it turns out I brought a friend

Words for FF Bio

  1. Stay Calm and Happy #Booyah
  2. I don’t always die, but I want to enjoy
  3. I’m 98% noob, but it took a few seconds to win
  4. Come to impress, not to be fashionable
  5. More than Noob, but less than Pro
  6. Kings are kings with and without a Queen
  7. The highest art in Free Fire is to conquer the enemy without fighting
  8. The results can be positive or negative. Never forget to give your best
  9. Battles come and go, I am immortal!
  10. True gamers will never leave the battlefield until they lose their lives or win
  11. Free Fire = Life when there is no girlfriend or lover
  12. We Are Not Noobs, We Are Just Started

How to Make a Cool FF Bio

cool bio ff

Source: YouTube/Reno2102

For those of you who have been inspired by cool FF bios with various unique FF codes and symbols, do you know how to write them in your FF bio?

How to make a cool Free Fire bio is very easy because you just copy the cool text or bio code.

If you don’t understand, see the guide below.

How to make an FF bio:


So, which writing did you choose, Friends of 99?

Hopefully this article is useful, OK?

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Post 78 cool, short and mental FF bios that can be copied easily, complete with bio code! featured earlier on 99 Property News.

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