Bio Code FF M1887, Come on, Copy and Try Now!

Having extraordinary popularity, Free Fire is one of the battle royale games that has many players in Indonesia. Of course, this game provides various new features in its patch update. A unique thing that is often talked about lately is presence bio code FF M1887 or SG bio code.

This went viral because there was a YouTube video showing the bio code FF M1887 / SG 2 and has been watched thousands of times. This bio code trend has started to become a topic of conversation since the bio or signature feature was added to Free Fire. There are many codes that can be used to make your account profile look more aesthetic and attractive.

This time, Gamedaim Tips will provide an explanation about the FF M1887 bio code or SG bio code which is currently viral. If you are curious, just take a look at the review below.

What is Bio FF Code M1887?

The FF M1887 bio code or SG bio code is a code that we can insert in the Free Fire bio menu in the account profile. After that, the code will change to an image of an M1887 or SG rotary weapon.

As we know, the M1887 is a short-range shotgun type weapon which is a favorite of Free Fire players. Weapons are often used as secondary weapons as a backup for fighting in close range areas.

Recently, there was a video that shared the FF M1887 / SG 2 bio code and showed a cool bio. Even better, the weapons displayed use the One Punch Man skin. Of course this makes survivors want to use it in their bio too.

Bio Code FF M1887 / SG 2

For those of you who still don’t know the FF M1887 / SG 2 bio code, you can try copying it directly from below. Here’s the code:


To use the code above, you can open the Free Fire game. Then go to profile and edit bio. Copy and paste the code that we have shared above. And see whether it works or not.

Does This Bio Code Work?

For those of you who have tried it directly, you will definitely know whether this method works or not. The answer is, NO. After we tried it directly in the game. It turns out that the code did not change into the icon or image of the weapon shown in the YouTube video.

What appears in the profile bio is only the code that we have entered without any color change at all. There is a possibility that the bio code shared by YouTuber FF is fake or that the bio shown is just an edit.

So, that’s the discussion about the FF M1887 / SG 2 bio code. Are you still curious after reading our review? Don’t forget to comment and share this article with your friends so they don’t get fooled.

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