Bio FF Badge Code, Make Bio Free Fire Cool!

FF Badge Bio Code – You can change your biodata or profile description to be cool by customizing it using several codes which will be explained on this occasion.

Free Fire is indeed a very popular game, regardless of class, this game is able to adapt to small children, young people and even the elderly.

Because this game is an online game and can be played together or in today’s language it is called mabar which makes this game even more exciting.

On this occasion, the Sanepo Admin will provide information related to the FF Badge bio code which is currently viral and has been proven to be able to make the bio on your FF account cooler.

Bio FF Badge Code DAA520

This bio code is a code that can change the text and icons you write to become gold like a badge on Free Fire.

This code is a code from Season 1, 2 and 3 of the elite pass which is of course in the Free Fire game, which makes your bio feel more premium.

The code begins with code [DAA520] and then continue with the icon and below it you will be given a number according to the Badge format in the Free Fire game.

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So, usually after the code is given, an icon and text will be added like the following.

[DAA520] ★ ♫ ✿
999 999 999

That way you can use the free fire badge for free and of course it will impress other players who see your profile.

However, this ff bio badge code has gone viral, but they only know the results but don’t know what code to use.

How to Use the Bio FF Badge Code

How to Use the Bio FF Badge Code
How to Use the Bio FF Badge Code

For those of you who are still confused about how to apply or use this code, you can immediately follow the steps that the Sanepo Admin will explain below.

  1. Copy the FF Badge Bio Code above.
  2. Then open your Free Fire game.
  3. After that go to profile.
  4. The profile is located in the top left corner.
  5. After that go to the menu Gallery.
  6. Next in the column signature You can paste or paste the code that you copied earlier.
  7. You can also edit the icon and text there.
  8. However, do not change the locked code.
  9. Finished.

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