Check code for Samsung cellphone to find out whether it is original or not

Samsung cellphone check code – Are you a fan of Samsung cellphones? Stay alert, because there are lots of people out there selling fake cellphones. Getting a fake cellphone is one of the worries for all of us. Many victims get fake Samsung cellphones and the quality is far from genuine standards.

We can look at the Samsung cellphone code to find out if the cellphone is original or fake by looking at the built quality section. If your cellphone is original, it definitely has good build quality and feels sturdy when held. Meanwhile, fake cellphones are usually made haphazardly so the quality is not good and doesn’t feel sturdy when held.

How to check whether a Samsung cellphone is original or not

Before you are fooled by irresponsible sellers of used or new Samsung cellphones, let’s look at the review below about checking original or HDC Samsung cellphones as well as secret codes for Samsung cellphones which are very important for you to know.

1. Samsung cellphone screen check code

If you are a fan of Samsung cellphones and have already bought one but don’t know its authenticity, you can use the LCD Test to check if your cellphone is genuine or fake. The method is quite easy, namely writing *#0*# on the call screen. Then some information will appear from this LCD Test. You can try it by touching the screen, camera, vibration, cellphone color, and so on.

The check code for whether a Samsung cellphone is original or not can be seen from the specifications listed on the cellphone. To find out the specifications, you just need to write them down *#*#4636#*#*. After you write the code, the LCD screen will display the specifications of your Samsung cellphone. However, if these specifications do not appear on your cellphone screen, then the cellphone you have is fake.

2. Check the software using Samsung Kies

Samsung Kies may sound foreign to our ears, but it turns out you can see the check code for a genuine Samsung cellphone through this application. Before you check, you have to make sure that your PC or laptop has this application installed. The steps to check its authenticity are quite easy.

After the Samsung Kies application is installed on your PC or laptop, connect your cellphone and PC or laptop using a data cable. If your cellphone can connect to a PC or laptop and display information, that means your cellphone is genuine.

However, if the screen does not connect and shows any information, that means the Samsung cellphone you currently have is fake or KW.

3. Check if the Samsung IMEI is registered or not

The next code to check if a Samsung cellphone is genuine or not is to use the IMEI number. Besides being able to be used to track a lost cellphone, the IMEI number can also be used to check the authenticity of the cellphone.

To see the secret code for your Samsung cellphone, to see the IMEI you just need to type it *#06# on the call screen. Then the screen will display the unique IMEI code on the cellphone. After that, you can match the IMEI code with your cellphone box. If the two IMEIs are the same, then your cellphone is original. Vice versa, if the two IMEIs are not the same, then there is a possibility that your cellphone is fake or KW.

Another way to see the original Samsung cellphone or HDC is via the Settings icon on your cellphone. Then you can choose about cellphones. Next, you can see the IMEI of your cellphone in the status display. Don’t forget to match the IMEI on the cellphone box.

4. Physically check your Samsung cellphone

As stated at the beginning, the way to check whether a Samsung cellphone is genuine or fake can be seen from its physical condition. As you know, Samsung cellphones are made with quality materials, resulting in good and sturdy build quality.

So, to find out whether your Samsung cellphone is genuine or fake, you can look at the material used. If the material used looks cheap, then you can be sure that the Samsung cellphone is fake or KW.

Latest Samsung Cellphone Secret Codes

This secret code works specifically for Samsung Android cellphone users. For example, if you want to know the details of the Samsung J2 Prime cellphone, you can use the Samsung J2 Prime cellphone check code below.

*#06# Code to see IMEI from Samsung cellphone
*#0001# Code to check Samsung cellphone serial number
*#1234# Code that functions to check the type and version of firmware installed on a Samsung cellphone
*#0228# Code to display information about the installed battery
*#8999*778# Functions to check the sim card used on your cellphone
*#1111# Useful code to display the S/W cellphone version
*#8999*837# To see information on the hardware version of your Samsung cellphone
*#8999*782# Samsung cellphone code to display the current time and date
*#9998*523# Quick code to access and adjust Samsung cellphone screen brightness
*#8999*636# Useful for seeing the total storage capacity of Samsung cellphones
*#8999*638# To check the cellular network that is being used
*#8999*289# Code to check your cellphone’s ringtone
#*2286# Code that functions to display battery usage data
*2767*3855# Samsung cellphone code to do a factory reset
*#2562# Code to restart Samsung cellphone
*#92782# Useful code to see your cellphone model
*#2255# Function to view a list of stored telephone numbers
*#0000## Samsung cellphone code to reset language to original settings
#*5376# Useful for deleting all existing messages
*2767*226372# Code to reset Samsung cellphone camera settings
2767*2878# Code that functions to perform a custom reset on a Samsung cellphone
*#8999*377# To view log information during cellphone use
*#232337# Samsung cellphone check code to see the device’s MAC address
#*2474# Samsung cellphone secret code to see battery charging duration
*#*#197328640#*# Samsung secret codes for factory tests, backup up, restore, debug info and more
*#0*# Check codes for various features on Samsung cellphones. Such as wifi, bluetooth, camera and others.

How to Use Samsung Cell Phone Codes

After you know the many Samsung cellphone check codes, now is the time for you to try checking them. So, for those who don’t know how to use it, please follow the steps below.

  1. Activate your Samsung cellphone
  2. Open the Phone app
  3. Type one of the Samsung secret codes above, for example *#0228#
  4. Wait a few moments until the information about the code call appears
  5. Finished.

The final word

So, that’s an explanation of Samsung cellphone check codes, a list of Samsung secret codes and how to use them.

Before you want to buy a Samsung cellphone, make sure you know its authenticity so you don’t get fooled by irresponsible people. Hopefully this is useful and can be used as a reference source.

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