Collection of 50+ Small Size PPSSPP Games for You!

One of games which is currently in demand besides online game in cell phone that is games PPSSPP. Eits, what is PPSSPP? So, what are the names? games Small size PPSSPP?

On this page, you will find an explanation of what it is games PPSSPP and groups games PPSSPP is relatively small in size which you can download.

Well, get to know what it is games PPSSPP and its uses below, come on!

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What’s that Games PPSSPP?

PPSSPP is a PSP emulator application that can be downloaded for free. The emulator itself allows you to run applications on various devices.

Well, this emulator can be used on all devices, including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, and Symbian.

Then, PPSSPP for games anything? Find out the answer below, come on!

PPSSPP For Games Anything?

The function of PPSSPP is to play various games games PSP on Android or other devices such as console devices, for example games Naruto and Smackdown.

Apart from that, almost everything games You can play PSP on the Android PSP emulator and other devices, so you won’t have too much trouble finding it games that you want to play.

Make it your reference in choosing games PPSSPP, check some games Small size PPSSPP in this next section, OK!

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Anything Games PPSSPP Small Size?

Here is a collection of 50+ games PPSSPP small size:

  1. Scooby Doo (80 MB in size)
  2. Dragon Ball Evolution (148 MB in size)
  3. One Piece (197 MB in size)
  4. Bleach (125 MB in size)
  5. Lego Star Wars 3 (172 MB in size)
  6. Sonic (55 MB in size)
  7. King Kong (31 MB in size)
  8. Disney Up (100 MB in size)
  9. Marvel’s Avengers (89 MB in size)
  10. Spider Man 2 (165 MB in size)
  11. Spider Man 3 (39 MB in size)
  12. Spongebob (84 MB in size)
  13. Angry Birds (15 MB in size)
  14. Super Mario Bros (1MB in size)
  15. Harvest Moon (66 MB in size)
  16. Harvest Moon Hero Leaf Valley (104 MB in size)
  17. Hot Wheels (94 MB in size)
  18. Hunter x Hunter (171 MB in size)
  19. Kamen Rider (121 MB in size)
  20. Naruto Shippuden Kizuna (36 MB in size)
  21. Naruto Ninja Heroes 3 (30 MB in size)
  22. Pac-Man World Rally (38 MB in size)
  23. Toy Story 3 (61 MB in size)
  24. Ratatouille (99 MB in size)
  25. Ben 10 Ultimate Alien (122 MB in size)
  26. Soul Eater (33 MB in size)
  27. Street Fighter (38 MB in size)
  28. Samurai Warriors (189 MB in size)
  29. Tenchu ​​Shadow Assassins (43 MB in size)
  30. WWE All Stars (59 MB in size)
  31. NBA (56 MB in size)
  32. FIFAStreet (195 MB in size)
  33. Zuma (11 MB in size)
  34. GTA Liberty City (70 MB in size)
  35. GTA Vice City Stories (145 MB in size)
  36. MTX Mototrax (70 MB in size)
  37. SuperBike World Champions (37 MB in size)
  38. Burnout Legends (62 MB in size)
  39. Crash Tag Team Racing (66 MB in size)
  40. Forza Horizon (172 MB in size)
  41. F1 2009 (42 MB in size)
  42. Ford Racing (89 MB in size)
  43. Snoopy vs The Red Baron (51 MB in size)
  44. Bomberman (64 MB in size)
  45. Toaru Majutsu (199 MB in size)
  46. Akiba Plus (57 MB in size)
  47. Code Lyoko (75 MB in size)
  48. Hellboy (126 MB in size)
  49. Pocket Racers (92 MB in size)
  50. 4×4 Hours (44 MB in size)
  51. 50 Cent (67 MB in size)
  52. Call of Duty (178 MB in size)
  53. Daxter (45 MB in size)
  54. Gun Showdown (58 MB in size)
  55. Nova (75 MB in size)

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With many types games Of the existing PPSSPPs, you can freely choose the type games PPSSPP that you like, from games racing cars, racing motorbikes, and various film references.

Well, that’s it gamesgames Small size PPSSPP that you can download and play! There is games that caught your attention, right?

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Have a nice play games accompanied by Telkomsel packages!

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