Collection of the Best Small Size PPSSPP Iso Games for Android

Best Small Size PPSSPP ISO Game Without Lag

Now there are many Android game developers who continue to develop their games so that they can attract game lovers. Starting from the game play aspect to the graphic appearance. All of this must be paid for by the size of the final game. The better the animated graphics offered, the greater the space needed to play the game. Of course, you also need qualified cellphone specifications.

For some people who have expensive cellphones, there is definitely no problem with the above. But what if our cellphone specifications are mediocre? Of course, you will often experience lag if you are forced to play large games. Moreover, the game being played is an online game.

But don’t worry, there is another solution if we still want to play HD games. The way to do this is by playing PSP games on your Android phone. With the PPSSPP application we can play PSP games on Android easily.

Please remember that PPSSPP is only an emulator application, not a game application. To play the game, we need the ISO file of the PSP game you want to play.

That way we can play many of the games we like without installing the game. Then if the ISO file size is large, isn’t it the same as installing games on Android in general?

Unlike games downloaded from the Play Store, PPSSPP games have good quality even though they are small in size. It’s not surprising that many people prefer playing PPSSPP games rather than original Android games. Like the list of PPSSPP games that I wrote this time, even though it has a small size, it offers graphics that are no less than HD games on Android.

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List of the Best 100MB Small Size PPSSPP Games

1. Naruto Shippuden – Ultimate Ninja Impact

ISO File Size: 863.1MB (More)

2. Tekken 6

ISO File Size: 696.1MB (More)

3. Dragon Ball Z – Shin Budokai 2

ISO File Size: 515.6MB (More)

4. Grand Theft Auto – Vice City Stories

ISO File Size: 826.3MB (More)

5. Pro Evolution Soccer 2014

ISO File Size: 920.6MB (More)

6. Grand Theft Auto – Chinatown Wars

ISO File Size: 547 MB (More)

7. Final Fantasy III

ISO File Size: 239 MB (More)

8. Final Fantasy II

ISO File Size: 213 MB (More)

9. Final Fantasy

ISO File Size: 138 MB (More)

10. Fight Night Round 3

ISO File Size: 507 MB (More)

11. FIFA Street 2

ISO File Size: 208 MB (More)

12. FIFA Soccer

ISO File Size: 510 MB (More)

13. FIFA 06

ISO File Size: 587 MB (More)

14. Fat Princess – Fistful of Cake

ISO File Size: 188 MB (More)

15. The Fast And The Furious

ISO File Size: 357 MB (More)

16. F1 Grand Prix (Europe)

ISO File Size: 322 MB (More)

17. F1 2009

ISO File Size: 401 MB (More)

18. Eyepet

ISO File Size: 448 MB (More)

19. Exits

ISO File Size: 61 MB (More)

20. Eragon

ISO File Size: 156 MB (More)

21. Despicable Me

ISO File Size: 309 MB (More)

22. Dynasty Warriors

ISO File Size: 109 MB (More)

23. Dragon Ball Evolution

ISO File Size: 168 MB (More)

24. Dragon Ball Z – Shin Budokai

ISO File Size: 197 MB (More)

25. Cube

ISO File Size: 244 MB (More)

26. Crush

ISO File Size: 526 MB (More)

27. Crazy Taxi – Fare Wars

ISO File Size: 316 MB (More)

28. Championship Manager 2006 (Europe)

ISO File Size: 151 MB (More)

29. Call of Duty – Roads to Victory

ISO File Size: 464 MB (More)

30. Cars

ISO File Size: 258 MB (More)

31. Burnout Legends

ISO File Size: 246 MB (More)

32. Bubble Bobble – Evolution

ISO File Size: 128 MB (More)

33. Bomberman

ISO File Size: 74 MB (More)

34. Battle Royale v2

ISO File Size: 95 MB (More)

35. Asphalt – Urban GT 2

ISO File Size: 283 MB (More)

36. Assassin’s Creed – Bloodlines

ISO File Size: 518 MB (More)

37. Avatar – The Legend of Aang

ISO File Size: 124 MB (More)

38. Aliens vs Predator – Requiem

ISO File Size: 265 MB (More)

39. Need For Speed ​​– Most Wanted 5-1-0

ISO File Size: 169 MB (More)

40. Nascar

ISO File Size: 585 MB (More)

41. Harvest Moon – Hero of Leaf Valley

ISO File Size: 145 MB (More)

Those are some of the best small size PPSSPP ISO games. These games already have pretty good graphics when compared to Android games. Even so, it can’t be better than the PPSSPP game which has a size of several gigs. If you really want to play games with super HD images, try playing games with a size of more than 2 GB. That is, if your cellphone supports the minimum specifications for the game.

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