Collection of Small and Light PPSSPP Games

Collection of Small and Light PPSSPP Games for Android Cellphones and Laptops — Downloading and running a cellphone or laptop game is mandatory for most people. Because playing games, whether on a smartphone or laptop, seems to be a light activity that is effective enough to ward off boredom.

Recommendations for lightweight PPSSPP games for cellphones and laptops

As Mamikos said previously, on this occasion Mamikos will give you some information about a collection of PPSSPP games which are small and will definitely become your idols. Because cellphone or laptop memory is still safe and will not be full. Especially nowadays, large games seem to dominate. That’s why Mamikos provides this list of PPSSPP game collections for those of you who are looking for games with light files or those with only a small memory.

Even though the games that Mamikos recommends are small, Mamikos guarantees that they can still entertain you in your free time. Before you find out what the collection of lightweight PPSSPP games are, let’s first find out what is meant by the PPSSPP games below.

Get to know the PPSSPP game

For those of you who don’t know what the PPSSPP game is, let’s read the review in this point. PPSSPP is a tool or emulator for running games from previous consoles, for example PS1 to PS2. To download the emulator, you can directly visit the official PPSSPP website at the official link

PPSSP itself is an abbreviation for Playstation Portable Simulator Suitable Portable. PPSSPP is also compatible with operating systems such as Linux, Windows, Android, IOS and other operating systems. What’s interesting about this operating system made by Henrik Rydgård is that it can be run on a smartphone, PC or laptop with low specifications. Octoberbe this is also what makes this PPSSPP game quite popular.

Collection of Light Sized PPSSPP Games

Also come to the main review regarding a collection of PPSSPP games which are light in size and you can play right now. Check out the list of game collections below.

1. Toy Story 3 is 133MB in size

The first PPSSPP game that Mamikos recommends is Toy Story 3, which is based on the animated film with the same title. Similar to the story in the film, in this game you will also follow the exciting adventures of Woody and his friends.

This game has also received an official license from Disney Pixar, so it’s not surprising that the various characters are filled with the same voiceovers as in the film. Not only that. The first mission that you will carry out is also the same as in the film where Woody tries to save train passengers from attacks by criminals.

  • PPSSPP Toy Story 3 game profile
  • Publisher: Disney Interactive Studios (The Walt Disney Company, LeapFrog)
  • Game size 133MB
  • Download game link here

2. Avatar: The Last Airbender is 110MB in size

The next PPSSPP game recommended by Mamikos is Avatar: The Last Airbender. Octoberbe you still remember that several years ago, this animation of the story of Aang and his friends was quite popular because it was shown on an Indonesian television station.

For those of you who miss the action and excitement of Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph, Zuko, and their journey against the Fire Nation, then don’t hesitate to play this light-sized PSP game. Even though the size is small, don’t be mistaken, the gameplay is still fun and the graphics are also quite interesting, you know.

  • Avatar: The Last Airbender game profile
  • Publisher: THQ
  • Game size 110MB
  • Download game link here

3. Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects is 89MB

In fact, before the MCU films were made and became many people’s favorites, the Marvel game entitled Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects on the PSP console had already been played by many gamers. The setting and characters are taken from the Marvel comic series. In this game you will also see various popular Marvel characters such as Iron Man, Venom and several other characters.

Taking the fighting genre, you will fight 1 on 1 using the character you choose. So for you Marvel lovers, this game is a must to download.

  • Game profile “Marvel Nemesis: Rise of The Imperfects”
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Game size 89MB
  • Download game link here

4. Full Auto 2: Battlelines is 148MB in size

Are you starting to get bored with racing games that are just like that? So Mamikos recommends playing the PPSSPP Full Auto 2: Battlelines game. It’s not just speeding, you can also crush your opponent’s car until it crumples.

This PSP game was developed by a developer named Sega who may already be familiar to your ears. This light-sized game allows you to modify the cars of your choice so they can go faster and beat your opponent’s cars.

  • Full Auto 2: Battlelines game profile
  • Publisher: Sega.
  • Game size 148MB
  • Download game link here

5. Dead to Rights: Reckoning is 93MB in size

The next recommended PPSSPP game is Dead to Rights which presents gameplay similar to action films. Because in it you can shoot enemies while jumping in slow motion. It’s really just like in an action movie. This game was developed by Namco. What is no less interesting, this game is only around 60 MB in size. This game is really recommended for those of you who have a limited download quota or cellphone memory.

  • Dead to Rights: Reckoning game profile
  • Publisher: Namco.
  • Game size 93MB
  • Download game link here

6. SBK: Superbike World Championship is 86MB in size

The next recommendation from Mamikos’ list of PPSSPP games is SBK: Superbike World Championship which allows you to enjoy realistic gameplay and excellent graphics. If you play this game, you can try out almost all the famous racing tracks with your favorite racers. Guaranteed to be fun and challenging.

  • SBK game profile: Superbike World Championship
  • Publisher: Conspiracy Entertainment-Black Bean Games-CraveKoch Media.
  • Game size 86MB
  • Download the game link here

From the information on several collections of PPSSPP games above, Mamikos hopes you can have fun playing games while reminiscing with your friends and family. Don’t hesitate to re-share the review of the PPSSPP game collection in this Mamikos article on your social media posts so that more people know about the recommendations for this light-sized game.

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