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Want to play games PlayStation-style classic but don’t have the console? Don’t worry! In this era of everything mobile Now, you can still enjoy exciting PlayStation games, especially Portable ones (PSP) on your favorite cellphone by using an emulator. Don’t worry, you don’t need to worry about storage memory, because we will share the collection games PSP is small but fun!

Do you know the PlayStation Portable (PSP) Emulator?

How do you play PSP games on your cellphone? Well, one answer is to use an application PPSSPP.

PPSSPP is a PSP emulator that can load and play games PSP via Android or PC. Actually, difference between games PSP and PS2 lie in terms of graphics. For games The PSP played in PPSSPP itself is actually a version lite from games PS2 graphics are not as smooth as on the original console.

A number of games PS2 and PSP are very large when downloaded. This can take up quite a lot of memory. Nevertheless we found that there were several games PPSSPP is cool but has a fairly small size.

Games A small size PPSSPP like this is certainly the right choice for those of you who are currently looking games The best PPSSPP with a file size that doesn’t take up much memory.

Come on, check out our recommendations in this article!

10 Groups Games Small Size PSP

Games Small Size PSP #1: Half-Minute Hero (119.8 MB)


Developed by Marvelous Entertainment, Half-Minute Hero changes games with the standard RPG genre in general by holding players to a 30 second time limit where they must fight demons and build up their strength to save the world.

Luckily, the timer is in games these can be reset, and the fun comes using each scenario groundhog day to push forward against bigger enemies, get better equipment, and generally get better at delivering damage in thirty seconds or less.

Half-Minute Hero is games who try their best to defy categorization especially when it comes to classification games RPGbut actually the player is provided with so much fun that they don’t care games What genre does this belong to?

Games Small Size PSP #2: Dead to Rights: Reckoning (93 MB)


Have you ever played games firing a shot Max Payne 3? Games this is games movie style action where you can shoot other people while jumping in slow motion.

Similar to games Max Payne 3, you can also try playing Dead to Rights: Reckoning which was released in 2005 on the PSP console.

Released by Namco, Dead to Rights: Reckoning is only 60 MB in size, you know. Very suitable for those of you who have a quota downloadsits limited.

Games Small Size PSP #3: Full Auto 2: Battlelines (148 MB)

Full Auto 2

Bored with mediocre racing games? If so, you really have to play Full Auto 2: Battlelines. Not only speeding, you can also destroy your opponent’s car, you know.

If you have ever watched the film Jason Statham entitled “Death Race”you must be familiar with gameplay brought by games This. Developed by Sega, games This small PSP allows you to modify your own car of choice so that it becomes faster and of course more deadly.

Games Small Size PSP #4: Toy Story 3 (133 MB)

Toy Story 3

As the title suggests, Toy Story 3 is games which is based on the animated film with the same title. Just like in the movie, in games Here you will also follow the adventures of Woody and his friends.

Games This is officially licensed by DisneyPixar so the characters have the same voice actors as in the film. Not only that, first mission in games This is also exactly like in the film where Woody tries to save train passengers from criminals.

Games Small Size PSP #5: Jeanne d’Arc (189.8 MB)


Games Jeanne D’Arc this is games which carries an alternative version of the French historical figure, Jeanne D’Arc, who is told to be a magical figure who fights the devil. Developer games, Level-5, has done a great job in leading one of the deepest and most creative tactical RPG games in the small size PSP gaming environment.

Like Tactics Ogre and Final Fantasy Tactics, Jeanne D’Arc has players do battle across the map open worldgathering new team members and leveling their teams along the way.

Innovative options like using skill stones over classes, or setting a time limit for each battle gives Jeanne D’Arc her own play style.

Meanwhile, the anime-style character presentation and fast but complex battle mechanisms have succeeded in making this game have its own position in the hearts of players gamers (including the heart of the editor who edited this article).

Games Small Size PSP #6: Avatar The Last Airbender (110 MB)


Who hasn’t watched the cartoon Avatar: The Last Airbender? Several years ago, this animation was very popular on Indonesian television.

For those of you who miss the actions of Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph, Zuko, and friends, you can try playing games This small size PSP. Measuring only around 110 MB, you can enjoy exciting and thrilling adventures in it gameplay simple and attractive graphics.

Games Small Size PSP #7: SBK:Superbike World Championship (86 MB)


The car race is over, now it’s time to games motorcycle racing. Moreover, with the recent presence of Moto GP racing at the Mandalika circuit, we saw that games Motor racing is one thing that could come back.

Games The small size PSP ISO that we recommend for this genre is of course SBK: Superbike World Championship. Even though it is only spelled out as games regular racing, however games SBK: Superbike World Championship offers very good graphics for its size and internal aspects games also quite realistic.

In this game, you can try all the famous racing tracks with your favorite racers, such as Max Biaggi, and others. For us, this is very good.

Games Small Size PSP #9: Hero of Sparta (42 MB)

Hero of Sparta

Besides God of War Turns out there’s a lot more, you know? games action-adventure which is fun to play on PPSSPP. Hero of Sparta is one of Droidcops’ randomness recommendations.

Although similar to the God of War series, however games it has lighter graphics and a platformer mode. It’s no surprise that this game is just that 42MB in size .

No need to worry, Hero of Sparta besides offers gameplay which is quite exciting and has a high level of difficulty so you don’t get bored easily.

Games Small Size PSP #9: Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects (89 MB)


Long before MCU films graced the screen, gamers were already in for a treat Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects on the PSP console. Games this is mTaking the background and characters from the Marvel Nemesis comic series, this game will pit original Marvel characters, such as Iron Man, Venom, and friends against characters created by EA.

Has an amazing battle mode, in games This You will fight 1 on 1 using the character of your choice. You can also use fatality as one of the deadly moves ala “Mortal Kombat”.

Games Small Size PSP #10: Harvest Moon-Boy and Girl (134 MB)


Who doesn’t know the series? games typical PS1 and PS2 Harvest Moon? Games full of memories, we recommend it again on the PSP console. Series Harvest Moon: Boy and Girl this is the version spin-off complete from Harvest Moon: Back to Nature and Bokujō Monogatari: Harvest Moon for Girl.

Second games it was originally released on the PlayStation console; however Harvest Moon for Girl has never been translated into English before games The Boy and Girl series was released on PSP.

Games it has a story and gameplay which is the same as Harvest Moon: Back to Nature, except combined/ported together as one games. You can play as a boy (Destiny), or a girl (Fate). They can be renamed at the start of the game.

So that’s 10 groups games We can recommend a small PSP for those of you who have limited storage memory. From the list above, which game would you like to play straight away?

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