Colorful FF Bio Code and Rank Rank (Directly Copy!)

The profile in the Free Fire or FF game is often known as Bio. Of course users want to make it cooler and look wow. Therefore, quite a few people like to use the FF bio code to make it look more attractive.

You certainly know some of the terms in this bio code, but there’s no harm in deepening your knowledge so that you know more and more fully about the bio code in your Free Fire game.

Bio Code FF


This battle royale game was created by Garena Free Fire which you can play on your smartphone such as Android or iOS. It is very popular and is played a lot by adults and children, especially in Indonesia, which has now become an addiction in itself.

This game is very popular because of Garena’s role in providing lots of the best gameplay and often providing exciting events. There are lots of attractive prizes and of course all players want to get them.

The prizes are of course free and some are paid so you can enjoy the premium quality of this game. However, that actually makes it unique and many survivors don’t get bored playing the game.

Are you a fan of the Garena game Free Fire? If yes, do you know how you can put a bio code on your Free Fire profile?

Surely the appearance of your FF account will be more beautiful and attractive if you know the explanation below to present a bio code that is often used by users.

1. Review the Colorful FF Bio Code


One of the bio codes that you can use is a colorful bio code which gives a cooler and more attractive impression. You can use various types of writing with different colors so that your account has an attractive color.

How to make it is quite easy and even new users can use it. However, the difficulty that is often experienced is when combining one code with another code.

If you make it yourself, it will seem very complicated and troublesome, but you can use the code that we provide so it’s easy to use. Even if you use an illegal code, you can get a separate penalty from Garena.

Therefore, the bio code must be provided by Garena as a superior feature that can be used by FF users or players. You will receive an account ban if you create a bio code that is illegal and does not come from Garena.

Therefore, here we have provided several codes that are legal and will not harm you and will even provide maximum benefits. The list of colorful codes can be seen by following the method for creating a bio code below:

  • Pink: [FF1493]
  • Blue : [0000FF]
  • Yellow : [FFFF00]
  • Gold : [FFD700]
  • Chocolate : [A52A2A]
  • Red : [FF0000}
  • Ungu : [FF00FF]
  • Pink: [FF1493]

By combining several of the color code lists above, you can create a very interesting and cool Bio.

How to Install Colorful Bio Codes


Apart from that, here you can use the method below to implement the colorful bio code above. Of course, this method has been made as easy as possible so that it doesn’t make it difficult for you to apply it.

  • Open the Free Fire game that you have played and downloaded on your smartphone.
  • Then, on the main page of the game you can go to the profile in the corner, click.
  • Then, copy some of the bio color codes above to make it easier.
  • Paste the code in the profile signature column provided there.
  • After that, the process is complete and then your bio will change to colorful colors.

How? It’s very easy and fun to use a colorful Bio to attract the attention of other users. You definitely won’t be left behind when you use bio with this colorful sensation.

2. Review the Bio Rank Rank Code


If previously it was a colorful bio code, then what you will know is the rank bio code, which is a special code that can be used to make your bio look more beautiful and look like a pro player account.

How? Very interesting, right? If you use this bio code, you will definitely get benefits, namely all the history ranks you have achieved will be visible. The appearance definitely looks cooler than before and is different for every account that uses this bio.

However, using this bio code will not affect the gameplay in the game so it can at least make the bio display on your free fire account more attractive.

To be able to create this rank rank Free Fire bio code independently, it will not be easy to create it. This is because making it requires special skills so that the code can be used.

If you don’t want the hassle of creating a bio code yourself, you can use the code below by copying it. Of course the code below is for the bio code for rank, badge and Titan scar.

You can choose one of the three bio codes below. When you want the appearance to be cooler and look like a pro player then nothing is impossible. The following is the rank rank bio free fire code that you can use:

  • Rank rank : : °° [BUGFFRank] [FFFFOO]ΛΛΛ*[all-rank]
  • Badges: Daa520 999 999 999
  • Scar Titan : ╾━╤デ╦︻ ︻┳デ═—

After being given the code above, all you have to do is implement it by copying and pasting it on your profile page. If you are confused about how to install it, then you can follow the steps below to be successful:

  • The first way is to choose the bio code you want from the three above.
  • Then, copy the code so that it can be installed later.
  • Open the Free Fire application that you have downloaded or that you usually play on your smartphone
  • On the main page or lobby, you will be advised to enter the Profile menu
  • If you have successfully entered the Profile menu, you can click Edit first.
  • If you don’t find the Edit menu, you can click the button in the form of a pencil icon in the top left corner.
  • Then, there will be a Signature column that can be clicked and you can paste or paste the FF code that you previously copied.
  • Don’t forget to click Save so that changes can occur to your bio.
  • Automatically, at the bottom of your profile, the rank will appear.

If you use the rank rank bio code, you will feel that your profile is worthy of being a pro player. However, if you have not succeeded in doing so, you can try the steps above again and be sure that it will work.

The advantage obtained is that later all history that previously reached the highest rank or the rank level itself will be visible. That way, in every last season, if you increase your rank, your rank can be lowered and the history cannot be seen.

However, if you use the bio code above, this provision will not occur because the highest push rank will appear on your profile. So you don’t need to worry because even though the season ends, you will still be the best and there will still be pro players.

Certainly for the impression given by the colorful bio codes and different rank ranks. If it is colorful then looking at it will be fun and very interesting.

Meanwhile, for rank, you will look like a professional pro player and make your bio account interesting to visit. There could be many people who want to be on your team to do events or push rank together.

Attracting a balanced friend will make you even more enthusiastic about playing and will definitely increase your chances of winning.

What if the Free Fire Bio Code Doesn’t Work?


Octoberbe there are some who have problems, namely the bio code that has been used does not work even though it has been installed according to the instructions given. For this reason, you can do several things that can make it work again.

First, you can ensure that the code you copy is correct and there are no spaces or additions or even omissions there. Then, try installing again with the correct code.

Alternatively, you can update the Free Fire game to the latest version so that the game is updated and doesn’t encounter the same problems. That way, you can re-pair the code.

It could be that the success rate above is 90% so displaying the FF bio code will be more useful, apart from making it cooler and more attractive, but also making it look professional and trendy.

How secure is the bio code?


Of course, Garena will follow up firmly if there are players who use scripts illegally. Your account could be frozen, hacked, or banned because you don’t follow the applicable rules of Garena’s own regulations.

Therefore, it is a good idea to ask this question because the bio code given above is a safe use and meets Garena’s applicable requirements.

You can be sure that the features above have been provided by Garena so there is no need to worry that the bio code above is illegal. You can use it properly and according to the provisions of FF.

Both for using colorful bio codes and ranks, it is certain that this is a feature provided by Garena for Free Fire players. The code provided is safe and definitely different from the cheats that are prohibited by Garena itself.

To be able to use it well, you can follow the steps above. Of course, benefits and interest will be one of the things you get if you use the colorful FF bio code or rank according to your needs.

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