Complete Indonesian and Overseas FF Pro Player ID

FF Pro Player ID – Garena Free Fire is a type of online game that is quite popular at the moment. As time goes by, technological sophistication is also becoming more advanced and modern.

Most children, even teenagers and adults, are very familiar with playing online games. Especially when the Covid-19 pandemic hit in 2023, it was known that online game applications had quite a large number of installers, including Free Fire.

Talking about Free Fire, maybe many people already know this Battle Royal game. The online game Free Fire is known to be fun to play both individually and as a team. Just like other online games, Free Fire also has pro players, you know!

Collection of Indonesian FF Pro Player IDs

Are you curious about who and what the IDs of these pro players are? Check out the discussion on the collection of FF pro player IDs below.

1. Rasyah Rasyid

id ff evos rasyah rasyid

The first pro player was Rasyah Rasyid, a gamer who was still in elementary school and attracted the attention of many people. Why not? At a fairly early age, Rasyah Rasyid has earned the nickname “Magic Boy” thanks to his skills in playing online games, especially Free Fire.

Not only that, Rasyah Rasyid is also a content creator from 2023. Are you curious about Rasyah’s FF ID? Here is Rasyah Rasyid’s ff evos pro player ID that you can copy 552992060.

2. FDW (efdewe)

id ff fdw pro player

Febri Dwi Wicaksono, often called FDW, is a pro player and YouTuber. FDW’s struggle to become a reliable YouTuber and gamer was not easy.

In the past, FDW decided to start his career as a YouTuber with just a cellphone and editing in an internet cafe. His efforts were not in vain, until now FDW has been able to become a famous YouTuber and pro player. He also joined a squad called FREEDOM 45. The ID FF FDW is 48599195.

3. Budi01 Gaming

ID ff budi01 gaming

Next, the pro player we will discuss is Budi Gaming. The figure of Budi Gaming, a gamer who is currently joining a squad called UWDE.

Just like the previous FDW pro player, Buding Gaming is also a famous YouTuber and currently the number of subscribers has reached 12.1 M. The following is Budi Gaming’s FF ID, 119413181 with the name ZhaFiRa UWDE.

4. Corporal Jono

Corporal Jono's original FF ID

The fourth pro player FF ID that we will discuss is Corporal Jono’s FF ID. Who doesn’t know Corporal Jono? This pro player gamer whose name is already known by many people has very reliable playing skills.

For Your Information, Corporal Jono is synonymous with the term Free Fire prankster. Why? Because most of the videos uploaded to the YouTube channel are about FF prank videos. The following is Corporal Jono’s original FF ID, namely 245822250.

5. Cepcil Ahay

id ff cepcil ahay

Finally, the pro player we will discuss next is Cepcil’s FF ID, a skilled gamer and Youtuber. Cepcil received the nickname from his fans as “King of Alliance”.

Why is that? This nickname was given to Cepcil thanks to one of his viral content. As for Cepcil’s FF ID, namely 13068094.

Collection of Indonesian FF Pro Player IDs

It doesn’t stop there, to summarize all the pro player FF IDs from Indonesia, I made a nickname table along with their FF ID numbers. I will continue to update the table below if I get other FF player IDs.

EVOS MR 05 157915515
EVOS STREET 477605595
EVOS SAM 175635189
EVOS ABU 625603313
EVOS KENZO 238054302
LETDA HYPER 87980657
WAWAN MKS 10011237

Overseas FF Pro Player ID

Apart from FF pro player IDs from Indonesia, here I also have a collection of overseas FF pro player IDs. After searching for several hours, I finally got more than 15 FF IDs.

You should also note that if you look for FF IDs belonging to foreigners, not all of them can be seen, this happens because of differences in game servers.

However, to get rid of your curiosity about your account, you should immediately try looking for the list of FF pro player IDs from abroad below.

BNL 297929835
B2K 320653047
M8N 608823917
SHIRO 129778878
LOREM 333231913
RAISTAR 12023250
SK SABIR BOSS 55479535
GYAN SUJAN 70393167
RAKESH00007 4782554
JIG 497887030
TSG RITIK 124975352
TSG JASH 123643969
BOLT 451012596
ANKUSH 241375963

The final word

That is the brief information that we can convey about Indonesian and foreign FF Pro Player IDs that we can provide. You can copy the ID and paste it in the search column to find the pro player account whose profile you want to see.

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