Corporal Jono's original FF ID, this is his account

ID FF Corporal Jono – One game that is quite popular from 2023 to 2023 is Garena Free Fire. This Battle Royale game is really loved by many groups, both adults, teenagers and even children.

It’s not surprising that they want to play with friends they invite so they can play together, or in slang, Mabar.

To be able to play together, you need to invite their Free Fire ID so you can log in together. Recently there has been a lot of discussion about several FF IDs of famous pro players, such as FDW, BNL, Corporal Jono, and many others.

This is because many players want to add the IDs of these pro players, who knows, maybe they can be invited to play together.

Can you imagine what it would be like to play with great pro players like Corporal Jono and the others? So, what is actually the name of Corporal Jono’s real FF ID? To find out, please read the explanation below carefully.

Understanding Corporal Jono’s FF ID

If you are an old Free Fire player, surely you are familiar with some of the terms in this game, one of which is ID to indicate the player’s identity.

The ID has the function of adding friends and making diamond top up transactions. As has been mentioned, recently there has been a Free Fire player whose ID has been sought after by many other players.

It would definitely be very fun if we had lots of friends on the Free Fire account. Because apart from being able to play together, you can also learn lots of new skills from friends who are pros like Corporal Jono.

One of the other benefits you can get is getting the latest secret trick in the form of the auto headshot sensitivity setting used by pro players.

Get to know Corporal Jono’s name

Surely you are already curious about who Corporal Jono really is, and how good he is at playing the Free Fire game, right? Yes, Corporal Jono is an influencer, YouTube content creator, as well as a Free Fire pro player.

He is one of the people who is skilled at carrying out headshot attacks on his opponents and plays very epicly.

Apart from that, Corporal Jono is also nicknamed the King of Free Fire pranks, because of his content on YouTube which contains pranks about the game Free Fire. The video containing the prank is very interesting and funny so it can entertain many people.

Apart from that, Corporal Jono is one of the pro players who really knows the Free Fire tricks for auto headshots.

Because of his skills, many people are starting to follow in Corporal Jono’s footsteps, one of which is by adding their ID to play together.

Original Corporal Jono FF ID

Corporal Jono's original FF ID number

Corporal Jono’s name in FF is RizalTzy. To get Corporal Jono’s ID on FF, you can search for the ID name in a search engine. If you don’t find it, you can also copy Corporal Jono’s ID below 55719326.

Characteristics of the original Corporal Jono FF ID

In order to avoid the many fake IDs that are circulating claiming to be Corporal Jono, you have to know the characteristics of Corporal Jono’s real FF ID. The following are the general characteristics of famous pro players like Corporal Jono.

  • Has more than 8 thousand likes.
  • Not in the guild.
  • The ff account name is RizlTzy
  • Free Fire account level has reached 72.
  • High statistics or KD.
  • Using male character pets and skins.

That’s Corporal Jono’s original ff ID that you can add to your friends list in the free fire game. If you succeed in being followed back by him, then be grateful because you might be invited to play together as content on YouTube.

That’s the information above, hopefully it can help.

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