Differences between iPhone iBox, Digimap and GDN Indonesia codes

When buying an iPhone, there are several official distributor options that you can consider, one of which is iBox, Digimap, and GDN. These three distributors are widely known as official iPhone sellers in Indonesia.

Each distributor has advantages and disadvantages that need to be considered before you decide to buy an iPhone from one of them.

In this article, we will discuss the differences between these three official distributors, including after-sales service and warranty processes. By understanding these differences, you can choose a distributor that suits your needs when buying an iPhone.

Difference between iPhone iBox, Digimap and GDN

Each company has different services, as well as iBox, Digimap and GDN which are official distributors for selling Apple products, such as the iPhone. What are the differences between the three iPhone distributors?

  • iBox: Erajaya Group
  • Digimap: MAP Group
  • GDN: Blibli.com

The difference between the iPhone iBox/TAM, Digimap, or GDN is that they have different distributors, the difference lies in the after-sales service and warranty process. After sales means the company helps consumers if there are problems with the product they have purchased, such as repairs or additional official warranties.

So, for example, if you buy an iPhone from GDN, you can get an additional 6 month guarantee if there is damage that is not covered by Apple’s official guarantee, such as cracked or broken screen damage, water damage, software and hardware damage.

The official guarantee from iBox and Digimap is longer than GDN, you will get a guarantee period of 1 year.

In terms of product authenticity, quality and iPhone features from the 3 official iPhone resellers, they are all equally good and safe, there is no difference at all.

iPhone products sold from these three distributors are guaranteed to be official, the IMEI number must be registered with the Ministry of Industry.

iPhone iBox, Digimap and GDN codes

Each iPhone distributor company has a different iPhone code, which is a series of numbers that indicate the model, network operator and company of the iPhone.

There are several official Apple product distributors that are now available in Indonesia, including iBox or TAM, Digimap and GDN. The three iPhone distributors have different iPhone codes, here are the differences:

  • iPhone iBox/TAM code
  • PA/A is the official iPhone code for iBox or TAM, both of which are still subsidiaries of the same company, namely Erajaya Swasembada.

  • Digimap iPhone Code
  • ID/A is the code for iPhone Digimap (MAP), one of the Apple Authorized & Premium Resellers in Indonesia.

  • GDN iPhone code
  • SA A is the iPhone code belonging to GDN (Global Digital Niaga) or what is widely known by the brand name Blibli.com

Why are iPhone codes different?

These different iPhone codes have several uses, including:

  • Determine the guarantee: iPhone codes can also indicate the iPhone warranty. iPhone warranties can vary by company and country, and iPhone codes can help determine whether the iPhone is still under warranty or not.
  • Determine the type and specifications of the iPhone: iPhone codes can help identify iPhone type and specifications, including screen size, storage capacity, and camera.
  • Activate iPhone on the appropriate network carrier: The iPhone code can also indicate the network carriers supported by the iPhone. By knowing the iPhone code that corresponds to the network operator in a particular country, iPhone owners can ensure that their iPhone can connect to the network available in that country.
  • Determine the price: iPhone codes can also affect iPhone prices in different countries. The price of an iPhone can vary in each country, for example if an iPhone from a foreign country is sold in our country, the price will be cheaper.

How to Find Out iPhone Number / Code

Here are the steps to find out the iPhone code:

  1. Open the application”Arrangement” on your iPhone.
  2. Scroll down and tap the option “General“.
  3. Select option “About“.
  4. Scroll down and look for information “Model Number“.
  5. The model code consists of numbers and letters, such as “MGCQ2ID/A“.
  6. Use the internet to find more information about the model code.

By knowing the iPhone code, you can find out which distributor the official Indonesian iPhone was purchased from. For example, above there is code ID/Ameaning the iPhone was purchased from Digimap Indonesia.

The final word

From the explanation above, it can be concluded that the difference between iPhones in Indonesia, namely iBox/TAM, Digimap, and GDN, lies in the after-sales service and warranty process provided. By understanding the differences in selling iPhone distributors in Indonesia, hopefully it can help you to make the right decision in choosing the best product, after-sales service and warranty process for you.

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