Download the Harvest Moon Back to Nature Indonesia Game on Android

Techno – What’s that Harvest Moon Back To Nature? Harvest Moon is a simulation game that has been around for a long time, usually played on consoles such as Play Station 1, now along with technological developments, now not only via console, we can play this exciting game on Android smartphones.

The way is to use the emulator and the admin recommends the ePSXe emulator which is one of the best PS2 emulator applications, you can also use the ppsspp emulator.

If you want to use another PS2 emulator, you can do that, according to your taste, the important thing is that you can install it and be able to play the Harvest Moon Back To Nature game on Android.

The version of the game that the admin will share below is the Indonesian version so it’s easy to play because the language is clear.

What is Harvest Moon Back To Nature in Indonesian?

harvest moon back to nature in Indonesian

This game was developed Marvelous Interactive Incuntil it was published by Natsume, as in games in general, there is a main character in the game Harvest Moon Back To Nature and the character’s name is Jack, who is a child from a family that has a large beautiful garden, the garden is used to meet the family’s living expenses and local communities.

In short, when Jack was little he often helped his family, especially his grandfather, to take care of their garden until finally Jack left the plantation to go to town.

However, in the end Jack returned because he was assigned to manage the plantation, of course he also had to be able to interact with the local community.

Download Harvest Moon Back to Nature in Indonesian Android

The point is that in this game your job is to manage a garden that was once glorious but has been neglected, starting from building a house, pens for livestock and much more.

To play this game on Android you need:

  • Game files are in .ISO format
  • Emulator+Bios.

For game files in ISO format, please download via the following link.

Download Here

Then for emulators that include Bios, if you don’t have the emulator application, you can download it here => Android PS2 Emulator.

How to Install Games:

  1. Download all the requirements above.
  2. Extract the emulator and Bios files.
  3. Install the emulator ePSXE and don’t open it straight away, close it first.
  4. Then copy the bios file named SCPH1001.BIN to folders ePSXE in your android folder, for example in the folder SDCARD/EpSXE/Biosessentially in the ePSXe installation file.
  5. After that, just open the ePSXe emulator application on Android.
  6. If it is open, do a scan so that the .ISO game file can be read in the emulator.
  7. If so, just play Harvest Moon Back To Nature game in Indonesian.


  • Scanning game failed, why?Usually due to BIOS problems that have not worked in the emulator application.
  • Can this game be played on a laptop or PC?? That’s really possible, just download the .ISO file of the game, but specifically for the emulator and Bios, look for the PC version, or you can request below so the admin can find the link.

How? If anyone is still experiencing problems regarding the download link for the Harvest Moon Back To Nature Game in Indonesian on Android and how to install it, you can comment below this post. If there is an error in the download link or the file is damaged, you can report it so that the admin can update it again.

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