Ex-Sam's original FF ID. See his account here

Ex Sam’s FF ID – In this modern era, who doesn’t know mobile online games, especially among children and teenagers. Lots of mobile games have emerged and are loved by many people, one of which is Free Fire.

Who doesn’t know Free Fire? This game is already very well known and its name has risen, especially during the pandemic from 2023 to 2023, which has seen an increase in users.

Octoberbe you already know that most online games can now be played together. Usually, current slang calls it Mabar or playing together. So, not only can you play solo, you can also play Free Fire in duo, trio or squad.

To be able to play together, of course you have to know the FF ID of the person you want to play with. Why is that? This FF ID is very important and is the key to finding the account profile of someone we want to look for.

All Free Fire players certainly have this FF ID as their account identity, including Ex Sam. Surely you are familiar with Eks Sam, a pro player, especially if you have been a Free Fire player for a long time. Ex-Sam’s FF ID is also often sought after by many people. So, in this discussion we will find out what Ex Sam’s FF ID is, therefore, see the more complete explanation below.

Explanation of Ex Sam’s FF ID

It’s strange if you know Ex Sam’s FF ID but don’t know what the FF ID itself means, right? The FF ID can be likened to an identification card that functions to show a person’s identity in the real world.

Likewise, the FF YouTuber ID Ex Sam in the Free Fire game also functions to show that the account belongs to Ex Sam. So, you can find Ex Sam’s original Free Fire account by looking at his ID.

Ex Sam’s FF ID

id ff Ex Sam

After knowing the explanation of the ff ID, of course the core of the discussion this time is to provide the FF ID belonging to the original Ex Sam account. The FF Ek Sam ID is 93770833. You can search for Ex Sam’s Free Fire account using this ID.

You need to know, there are lots of other free fire players who are looking for and want to add Ex Sam’s ff account to their friends list. If you quickly add Ex Sam to your friends list, you are very lucky.

Characteristics of Ex-Sam’s FF ID

In order not to be fooled by other Ex Sam accounts, you need to know the characteristics of the original account belonging to YouTuber Ex Sam. The following are the characteristics of the Ex Sam account that you need to know.

  • The Ex Sam Gaming ff account name is EKS D HERE.
  • The character used is male.
  • The current skin bundle uses pink colors and wears a devil mask and carries a sword.
  • Already got the Heroid emblem.
  • Account level has reached 70.
  • The number of account likes is more than 8000 likes.
  • Every month you definitely buy an elite pass.
  • FF season 23 rank is at diamond level.
  • The description is written “I Love Free Fire”.

Ex-Sam Profile

Ex Sam is a gaming YouTuber whose name is quite famous thanks to his skills in playing the game Free Fire. Ex Sam was originally one of the mysterious YouTubers who never showed his real face on social media, that’s why many people were looking for photos of Ex Sam’s face. Usually he only displays pictures about games instead of uploading photos of himself.

However, now Ex Sam has started doing face cams, especially when he goes live or makes videos on YouTube. Initially, people thought that Ex Sam was ordinary, but since he uploaded his first photo on Instagram, many people became hysterical and thought that Ex Sam had a handsome face.

Ex Sam himself lives in Kalimantan, Indonesia, he often expresses this himself in every YouTube video he uploads. Ex Sam is also often known as a 5 finger Free Fire player, really great, right?

Apart from that, Ex Sam also experienced quite rapid subscriber growth. Right now, the number of YouTube subscribers has reached 4.58 million. That’s Ex Sam’s FF profile in a nutshell that you should know.

The final word

That’s brief information about Ex Sam’s FF ID complete with his profile. For those of you who are curious about Ex Sam’s face, you can visit his YouTube channel. So, is the information above helpful?

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