How to Activate Assistive Touch on iPhones of All Types

Many new iPhone users cannot operate their devices smoothly, including not understanding how to activate Assistive Touch on the iPhone.

To make things easier and easier for iPhone users, Apple provides a cool feature on iPhone devices, this feature is AssistiveTouch.

With the assistive touch feature on the iPhone, it turns out it can really provide an extraordinary convenience effect for its users.

Why is that? Because users can change iPhone settings without having to bother pressing physical buttons. For example, if you want to restart your iPhone, this can be done via Assistive Touch.

It’s not wrong that Apple is one of the most popular smartphone technology companies in the world, even though the price is a little more expensive.

However, it is not uncommon for users to not know how to activate the Assistive Touch feature, perhaps including you. Therefore, here I will give you the steps.

But before that, I will invite you to learn more about what Assistive Touch is. The following is the explanation.

What is Assistive Touch

Assistive Touch is a shortcut navigation feature in the form of buttons on the screen that contain menus that lead to certain settings.

If you experience problems with physical buttons (for iPhone 8 series and below), activating Assistive Touch is the right choice.

The Assistive Touch button is free to slide and place anywhere on the screen. It’s just that the AssistiveTouch button will disappear when you take a screenshot, missing here means it is not recorded when taking a picture on the screen.

You can trick the way to prevent assistive touch from disappearing when taking a screenshot by recording the iPhone screen.

Assistive Touch function

The function of Assistive Touch is to make it easier for users to use iPhone devices. For example, by bringing up the home button on the iPhone, users can quickly adjust iPhone settings.

Apart from settings, there are also feature accessories that can be added to the Assistive Touch menu, such as Home Screen, Lock screen, Screenshot, Gestures, Mute and many more.

Using the AssistiveTouch feature is also a tip for minimizing damage to iPhone devices.

How to Enable Assistive Touch on iPhone

OK, maybe you are fed up with the explanation above, so let’s go straight to the tutorial. Here are the steps on how to activate assistive touch on iPhone:

  1. First open the icon Settings.
  2. Scroll down until you find the menu Accessibility.
  3. Next select an option Touch.
  4. iphone assistive touch settings
  5. So, before that, the features AssistiveTouch is still offPlease move the slider to activate AssistiveTouch. Once activated, the AssistiveTouche button will appear as in the image below.
  6. Activate the iPhone's assistive touch feature

Enable AssistiveTouch via Siri Virtual Assistant

Apart from activating it via Settings, you can also use another method, namely the Siri Virtual Assistant.

It’s easy, first open the Siri feature then say “Turn On AssistiveTouch” clearly. When the Accessibility Shortcut is active, you can choose to activate or deactivate the feature by pressing the side physical button 3 times.

This method can only be done on iPhone X or newer iPhone versions.

How to Set Up iPhone Assistive Touch Menu

After successfully activating AssistiveTouche, you can also change and select what features or settings you want to display on the AssistiveTouche button.

The way to change the AssistiveTouch menu is as follows:

  1. Open Settings iPhone > Accessibility > Touch.
  2. Then tap on the activate section AssistiveTouch.
  3. Please tap again on the section Customize Top Level Menu.
  4. Now in this section you can add and delete menu icons. Please tap – to delete and tap + to add.
  5. change iphone assistive touch menu
  6. When tapping the + button then there will be a new menu slot, then tap on that slot and a menu list of features or settings that you can add will appear.
  7. As in the image below, I added the Lock Screen feature to the AssistiveTouche button.

    assistive touch iphone iphone 7 plus
  8. If you want to return the AssistiveTouche settings to normal, please press the button Reset.

Overcoming iPhone Assistive Touch not working / suddenly disappearing

For some reason, there are several iPhone users who experience the problem of assistive touch iPhone error not working, some even suddenly disappear.

If an error occurs or it doesn’t work, maybe you can clean the iPhone screen, it could be that the error is because your iPhone screen is dirty. So try cleaning it first with a clean and soft cloth.

Meanwhile, to overcome Assistive Touch on an iPhone that suddenly disappears, you might just restart the device. By restarting, all programs whether running smoothly or with errors will be restarted.

The final word

That’s a guide on how to activate Assistive Touch on iPhone for all types. How very easy right? Whether using Settings or Siri, both are equally easy, please follow the method that you think is easiest to do.

That’s the iPhone tutorial article this time, I hope it helps!

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