How to Become an Individual J&T Agent: Terms & How to Apply

How to Become a J&T Agent – Who doesn’t know J&T? Just hearing the name is quite popular in the ears of Indonesian people. J&T express is a goods and document delivery service that is currently well known and is trusted by many people as a package delivery medium.

Since 2023 J&T has been serving the Indonesian people, to date there are hundreds of J&T agents or outlets spread throughout Indonesia.

Not only that, J&T’s credibility is quite good in the eyes of the Indonesian people compared to other goods delivery services.

Credibility of J&T Goods Delivery Services

J&T implements a delivery process that can be said to be quite good and also faster. So it is no surprise that this expedition company is widely used by many people, especially online shop owners.

Apart from that, J&T already has many branch offices, making it easier for consumers to send goods very quickly.

How to Become a J&T Agent

When talking about J&T branches and agents, now you can become a J&T Express agent. How do I become a J&T agent? The method is very easy and you only need to complete a few requirements and register.

Apart from that, you will get many benefits by becoming a J&T agent of course. Below is capital information and steps on how to become a J&T agent.

1. Capital that needs to be prepared to become a J&T agent

Before going into the document requirements and how to register, perhaps many of you are asking how much capital to become a J&T agent?

To prepare to become a J&T Express agent, you need capital ranging from 10 million to 20 million, the price is determined according to the agency package. These payments are used for agent deposits, administration and agent equipment.

This information was obtained from the internet sourced from sources who have registered to become J&T agents. For more details, you should ask the party concerned directly, you can contact J&T directly via;

2. Contact the J&T Provincial Level Representative

Each province has a J&T branch representative, those of you who want to register must contact J&T at the provincial level first. This is useful for adapting the needs of each J&T branch to the province.

Therefore, if you intend to open a J&T agent in the area where you live, you must contact the provincial J&T representative first.

3. Requirements and Documents

If you are interested in becoming a J&T agent, there are several things you need to prepare as necessary requirements. You must complete several administrative requirements needed to become an agent. The following is the explanation, namely:

  • Attach a letter of application to become an agent partner for the J&T company, complete with KOP letter
  • Must have a business entity
  • Attach a photocopy of the deed of company establishment which has been signed by the authorized party
  • Attach 2 photocopies of your KTP
  • Attach 2 photocopies of SIUP
  • 2 photocopies of company registration certificates that are still valid at this time
  • Willing to hand over business guarantee money in accordance with the provisions provided
  • Pay all administration fees if the application has been approved

4. How to Register to Become a J&T Agent

After knowing the various requirements required to become a J&T agent, next you need to know how to become an official J&T agent.

Registration is quite easy and simple, namely as follows:

  1. Prepare and register requirements
  2. The first step is to prepare all the necessary requirements. If you are ready, immediately register all the requirements with the J&T company. Currently you can register online too or come to the nearest J&T office in your city.

  3. Inspection stage
  4. After the required documents are submitted, usually the officer will check one by one the completeness of the required documents. If there are missing documents, they will usually ask you to complete them first. After completing the checking, your documents will be stored by the officer and will be submitted to his superiors for approval.

  5. Waiting for the result
  6. After that, usually you will be asked to wait a few days for the results of your registration to become a J&T agent.

  7. Until here, usually you will be asked for all registration files including the required documents above. The time needed to wait for these results is around 2-3 days and a maximum of 1 week. While waiting for the results, usually a representative from J&T officers will carry out a survey at your house.

  8. Announcement
  9. Once everything feels complete and meets the specified requirements, then you don’t have to wait any longer and you can become an official J&T agent. You can start carrying out this goods delivery business from your home. This is usually done by individuals.

From several guides on how to become a J&T agent, it can be concluded that you can only register yourself as an individual J&T agent by visiting the nearest J&T office in your city. Apart from that, the way to become an agent doesn’t need to be as complicated as the others.

How to Work as a J&T Agent

If you have received information that J&T agent registration has been accepted, you must know how to become a J&T agent correctly. Actually, it works the same way as other expeditions. The agent receives the goods package from the customer, then J&T sends the package to the destination address.

As an agent, you will get a commission based on the weight of goods per kilo. The commission obtained is in accordance with the agreement from J&T. So the profit or commission you get is from the total cost of sending packages for 1 month.

Benefits of Becoming a J&T Agent

As previously explained, apart from being easy, becoming a J&T agent is very profitable. When you become a J&T agent, you will get the following benefits, namely:

  • A trusted company, J&T has earned the trust of being one of the best delivery services.
  • Can enjoy all the facilities and services of J&T express
  • Can get special prices. This is because you have joined the partnership program
  • You don’t have to do promotions here and there because the name J&T is very trusted throughout Indonesia
  • Can be used to increase your income.

That might be some of the benefits you can get, it’s not surprising that people are interested in joining this franchise business.

The final word

So, those are some explanations about how to become a J&T agent and what benefits you will get. How? Are you interested in joining as a J&T agent? If you are interested in becoming a J&T agent partner, you must follow these various guidelines and be prepared to become the best J&T agent in your city.

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