How to bomb WA chat on Android and PC without an application

Want to know how to bomb WA chats with thousands of other people? In this article you will find out how to spam WhatsApp chat without an application and using an application. Read more below.

From year to year, technology on cellphones is developing very quickly, many sophisticated things can be done automatically quickly by just using applications.

Like the WhatsApp social media application, we can share text messages, images and videos without limits.

Not to mention cool features such as sharing status, creating WhatsApp stickers, these features allow users to share impressions with their contact list.

Almost all teenagers who use smartphones must have the WhatsApp application. Because this application is very helpful in communicating, it is very easy to use by all groups and the application is free.

Behind the sophistication of technology, there are definitely people who do negative things. As with the WhatsApp messaging application, users can chat WA without limits.

Without these limits, someone could think of pranking someone by continuously doing chat bombs or spam messages. This annoying game is usually played by cellphone and computer users.

But it’s not uncommon for many people to not be able to spam WhatsApp chats. Therefore, here I will try to share a tutorial on how to still bomb WA chat work.

How to Bomb WhatsApp Chat

There are several ways you can send multiple messages at once. You can use the WhatsApp chat spam application, WA chat bomb scripts such as Virtex WA and WA chat bombs without an application.

I will discuss all the methods that can still be used here, so let’s start with the easiest tutorial.

How to Bomb WA Chat on Android Using an Application

There are 2 applications that I have tried to spam WA chat to other people’s numbers, these applications are Labalabi for WhatsApp and Blank Messages. Both applications are free to use, you can download them on the Play Store.

OK, let’s get straight to the tutorial discussion.

WA Chat Bomb Using the Labalabi Application

How to bomb WA chat using the Labalabi application
  1. Download and install the application Labalabi from apkpure.
  2. Once successfully installed, please open the application.
  3. If Labalabi requests application access, allow Just go to the accessibility settings.
  4. Now open the app WhatsApp.
  5. A Labalabi logo pop up will appear, meaning Labalabi is ready to use.
  6. So select contacts who you want to chat bomb.
  7. Next, press the Labalabi logo, then type a word or sentence that you want to spam.
  8. Choose how many chats you want to send, for example 10.
  9. Finally press the button Send.

Blank WA Chat Bombs Using the Blank Messages Application

How to spam WA chat using the blank message application
  1. Download and install the Blank Message application via Play Store.
  2. Open the app Blank Message.
  3. Determine how many blank message lines you want to send to the victim.
  4. If so, press the button Send.
  5. Choose send via Whatsapp to continue to the Whatsapp application.
  6. Please select WhatsApp contact first.
  7. Finally press the button Send.
  8. Finished.

How to Bomb WA Chat on PC without Application

PS: This method can only be done from a laptop or computer, because this tutorial will use WhatsApp Web. Meanwhile, the WhatsApp web itself cannot be opened via mobile or tablet.

OK, let’s get straight to it, here are the steps:

  1. First, prepare the WA chat bomb script, please copy the script from here.
  2. Open WhatsApp Web via Chrome browser, then connect first using your WA account.
  3. If WhatsApp web is connected, press the keyboard button F12.
  4. Go to menu Console and paste the WhatsApp chat spam script that you copied earlier, then press the button Enter.
  5. Enter the WA chat bomb script into the browser console menu
  6. Select the contact you want to spam.
  7. Type the message you want, then press the button SPAM.
  8. spam button to start sending chat spam
  9. Determine the number of chats you want to send, for example 100 message. Last click OK to start sending messages.
  10. the number of WA chat spam that will be sent
  11. Press the button STOP to stop sending messages.
  12. stop spam chat wa
  13. Finished.

Once finished, don’t forget to log out of your account from WhatsApp web. Because if you don’t log out, the spam chat feature will continue to be active. Don’t forget!

The final word

Those are some ways to bomb WA chat on Android and PC that you can try. Very easy isn’t it? I hope you succeed in trying it. As for how to bomb WhatsApp chats on iPhone, we haven’t found out how.

And my message regarding chat bombs is that teasing someone with chat spam is fun, but you have to be wise in how you use it. Because if used inappropriately, your WhatsApp account could be banned.

That’s all for this WhatsApp tutorial article, I hope you can put it to good use.

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