How to Build and Play Nasus in Wild Rift: A Definitive Guide

How to Build and Play Nasus in Wild Rift: A Definitive Guide

How to Build and Play Nasus in Wild Rift: A Definitive Guide

Nasus, the Curator of the Sands, is an influential champion in Wild Rift who can dominate the top lane with his immense scaling potential. In this guide, we will provide you with a comprehensive strategy to build and play Nasus effectively.

Building Nasus

To start, it is crucial to prioritize building tank items that provide Nasus with sustain and durability. Begin with a Corrupting Potion to help with early-game survivability and mana sustain. Rush your first item, Trinity Force, as it synergizes perfectly with Nasus’ kit, granting him increased damage, attack speed, and crucial health and mana bonuses.

Following Trinity Force, focus on stacking resistances and health to maximize Nasus’ survivability. Items like Sterak’s Gage, Spirit Visage, and Thornmail are excellent choices to consider to mitigate damage from both physical and magic sources.

Playing Nasus

In the early game, focus on farming minions with Nasus’ Siphoning Strike (Q) ability to stack it up and gradually increase your damage output. Try to freeze the minion wave near your tower to protect yourself from ganks and deny your opponent’s farm. Remember to use Nasus’ Wither (W) ability to slow down enemies and escape precarious situations.

As the game progresses, unleash the true potential of Nasus by using his ultimate ability, Fury of the Sands (R). This ability enhances your survivability, damage, and attack range, allowing you to sustain against multiple enemies and dominate team fights.


In summary, building and playing Nasus in Wild Rift requires a patient and calculated approach. With his remarkable scaling potential, Nasus can become an unstoppable force in the late game. Focus on farming, stacking your Siphoning Strike, and utilizing your abilities strategically. With the right items and game sense, you can lead your team to victory and claim victory as the Curator of the Sands!

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