How to Buy 5000 Credit Using DANA, Very Easy!

How to Buy 5000 Credit Using DANA – For those of you who use cellphones, credit is the most important need for communication, chatting, and even access to the internet. Considering that the need for credit in society is still too high, there are many agents selling credit both online and offline. We often know about offline credit sales from Indomaret, Alfamart, credit counters, and many more that provide credit purchasing services.

Not only credit counters or offline agents provide purchases of 5000 credit, but 5000 credit purchases are also available online, one of which is through the DANA application digital wallet. In fact, it doesn’t just only purchase credit with a nominal value of 5000, but can also serve credit purchases with a nominal value of under 5000 to Rp. 500,- The price for selling credit via the DANA application is very varied and can change.

If currently purchasing 5000 credits via DANA is IDR 5,400,- at other times the price may decrease or the price may increase. Apart from that, buying credit through DANA is still quite cheap compared to buying credit at offline sales such as credit counters.

Before you buy credit, make sure that your DANA balance is sufficient to pay the desired nominal amount. If your DANA balance is low, you should top up first.

How to Buy 5000 Credit Using DANA

If you still don’t have the DANA application, you can download it on the Google Play Store or App Store via your smartphone. First, make sure your balance is sufficient to purchase credit according to the nominal value you want, if it is still empty, please top up first.

If the balance is sufficient to purchase credit using DANA, please follow the steps on how to buy 5000 credit at DANA below:

  1. Open the latest version of the DANA application.
  2. Find and select the Credit & Data menu.
  3. buy credit using funds
  4. Enter the cellphone number that you want to top up with credit.
  5. Select a nominal credit amount of 5000.
  6. buy credit 5000 in funds
  7. Later payment details will appear, you can choose the DANA balance according to the nominal amount you need and choose the payment method you will use.
  8. Click the PAY IDR 6,000 button.
  9. pay 5000 credit in the fund application
  10. After that, the credit can automatically go straight to your cellular operator number after the payment transaction is declared successful.

The DANA payment application system only takes a few minutes. If the payment transaction is declared successful but the credit still hasn’t arrived, then you can contact the DANA application customer care/CS at number (1500 445) or you can also via the following email

Business Opportunities for Selling Credit Using DANA

Apart from making it easier for you to make credit purchase transactions, you can also make the DANA application a profitable business opportunity. Purchasing credit via DANA is quite cheap so if you open a credit purchasing service, you can still make a profit of 500 to 200 rupiah.

You don’t need to be tired of having to go to credit counters, or offline agents whose distances sometimes require quite a long journey. It’s different if you use the DANA application, you just sit back and relax at home, just click on the credit and it can go straight to your cellphone.

The final word

That’s the information regarding how to buy 5000 credit using DANA. For those who are still unfamiliar with the DANA application, you can search first on Google regarding the various advantages and disadvantages of using the DANA application without any hassle and it is more practical.

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