How to Buy Mas Sugeng's Blog Template at

Buying a premium blogger template is necessary if you want to be more serious about building a blog.

Why? Because when we spend money on a hobby or job, we will take it more seriously. Blogs can also be assets that generate continuous income.

So there’s no harm if you buy a premium template for blogger or WordPress.

By purchasing a premium template, we will also get support if problems or errors occur with the template.

Where is the recommended place to buy premium blogger templates?

Currently, there are many websites selling blogger templates with cool designs and features that attract the attention of bloggers.

Surely you will have a headache looking for and choosing where to buy it.

Hmmm, don’t worry! I have good recommendations and this is also my experience purchasing premium blog templates with very satisfying results.

I bought the template from And I use the template for the blog.

Benefits of Buying Blogger Templates from Mas Sugeng

There are many benefits if you buy a template from The following are the benefits you get according to the explanation from Mas Sugeng.

1. Optimized SEO Friendly

  • SEO Friendly
  • In today’s blogger era, it is mandatory for a blog to use a template that has been optimized for SEO firendly so that it is easy to rank in search engines. Soo, the blogger template from is definitely optimized to maximize SEO.

  • Responsive
  • Of course, the template has been set to be responsive to make it neater and more comfortable when visitors open your blog on smartphone, tablet and desktop devices.

    Responsive blog templates can make visitors feel at home looking at the content you present. This can also improve your position in search engines.

2. Get Cool Features

  • Fast Loading
  • Fast loading is liked by readers and Google.

    Imagine if a visitor wants to read an article on your blog but the page takes a long time to load, the visitor could run away first.

    Likewise with the Google algorithm, the faster the page loads, the faster and easier it will be for the Google robot to crawl the blog content.

  • Cool Design
  • Everyone definitely likes a cool appearance. Likewise with the appearance of the blog, visitors will not hesitate to linger on your blog because they will be pampered with a cool blog design. Of course, accompanied by quality content.

  • Easy Template Setup
  • This is what makes me satisfied with the blog template made by Mas Sugeng. The Layout has been organized to make it easier to use, even by a beginner.

3. Get Template Updates

Buying a blogger template from is very profitable because the template is updated from time to time, following the latest template design trends and features.

Of course you can get the latest version of the template for free. The latest version of the template can be downloaded via the member area page.

4. Get Forever Support

Another advantage of buying templates at is full lifetime support, while you can still be online of course.

However, Mas Sugeng’s support only accepts questions and complaints via email [email protected].

Free support applies only to people who have purchased a template from

So, for those of you who want to buy a blogger template from Mas Sugeng, here is how to buy a blog template at

How to Buy Mas Sugeng Templates at

1. Visit the Mas Sugeng template sales website via the following link

2. On the main page there is a template sales landing page, there are 4 of the best premium blogger templates from

To see the appearance and features of the template, please check it first, click Detailed Information or View Demo to see the blog display directly.

4 premium blog templates

3. Have you made your choice? Continue selecting and purchasing one of the blogger templates you want. For example, in this tutorial you will buy a LinkMagz template.

Just press the button Order now.

buy linkmagz templates

4. Next you will be redirected to the Checkout page, fill in all the registration data columns:

  • Enter a discount coupon if available.
  • Make sure the email you provide is active and can be opened right away.
  • Check the section “I agree to the terms and conditions“.

If all columns have been filled in correctly, click the button Continue Payment.

checkout template link magz

5. Again, you will be redirected to a new page, namely page PAYMENT METHOD.

  • You must transfer according to the nominal value listed so that the payment and confirmation process can be read automatically by the program.
  • The time limit is only 1×24 hours.

Yoo pay immediately according to the rules that have been set.

Purchase payment receipt template at

6. After making payment and waiting approximately 10 minutes, go to the page There you will get access to the template products that you have successfully purchased.

Click menu Members Area > Product Access.

Access products in the member area

7. There are two template options that can be downloaded, there are minified and unminified CSS versions. Both are the same, the only difference in minfication is that the CSS coding has been compressed.

What are you waiting for, immediately download LinkMagz.

Download the latest Linkmagz template

All premium blogspot templates from Mas Sugeng have been created with a guide to using the features. So, don’t forget to read the setup guide article.

So, if you are still confused about how to change your blog template, you can see this article on how to change your blogger template.

Terms and Conditions for Buying Blogger Templates at

  • Template is for personal blog use only. October not be given away for free, sold, or used for clients.
  • Templates that have been purchased cannot be returned. Whatever the reason.
  • Prohibited for unlawful activities.

The final word

That’s the article about how to buy a mas sugeng template at Make sure you use an original template so that blogging will be more enthusiastic and enjoyable.

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