How to Change Country on Google Chrome PC and Mobile

Have you ever thought about trying to browse information in other countries more accurately? You can do this by changing the country in Google Chrome.

The purpose of changing the country in Google Chrome is so that the search results we want are more accurate according to the information available in that country.

As we know, Google is the biggest search engine currently. Each country has its own server created by Google, as well as its Google domain address.

So maybe those of you who are reading this article don’t know how to change the country in the Chrome browser, whether Chrome on your cellphone or laptop.

Don’t worry, because in this article will provide a complete guide. Let’s go straight to the tutorial below.

How to Change Country in Google Chrome

There are 2 ways that I will write about, the first way is to set it up via the Chrome browser itself and the second way is to use a VPN application.

Also make sure that the Google Chrome you are using is the latest version, so that the appearance and settings are the same as those in the example below.

If you are ready, let’s go straight to the guide.

Google Chrome PC

  1. Open a browser Google Chrome. Then search for any keywords in the Google search engine, after that open the menu Settings under the column.
  2. click the chrome search settings menu
  3. A menu list appears, here you choose Search Settings. Later you will be redirected to Google search settings.
  4. select search settings
  5. On the settings page, please scroll down until you find it Region Settings like the picture below. Select country according to what you want, for example Argentina. Then click the button Save.
  6. Select Google Chrome search country
  7. A confirmation pop up will appear, just click the button OK.
  8. save country settings
  9. Once the settings have been saved, the previous search will automatically repeat the search using the Argentina region.

Google Chrome Android phones

Via Chrome Browser

  1. Open Google Chrome and do any search.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page until you find the sentence Google offers.
  3. Well, next to it there are menus that can be changed. To change the Google Chrome country on your cellphone, please select the menu OTHER.
  4. Click the Chrome country settings menu
  5. After pressing the other menu, you will be redirected to the regional settings page. You please select Region for Search Results.
  6. PS: There is no need to change the Language section in Google products and the Language of Search Results.

    Select Chrome search country on cellphone
  7. In Google Chrome settings I tried select region German. Then press the button Save.
  8. save chrome country settings
  9. The search page will reload using the German region. Look at the bottom of the page, the country information for Germany will appear.
  10. results of changing country in Google Chrome
  11. Finished.

Using a VPN

Apart from setting it from the Google Chrome browser, you can also change the Google Chrome address using the help of a VPN application.

Here are the steps:

  1. Download the Turbo VPN Lite application on the Play Store. (iPhone users search for Turbo VPN in the App Store).
  2. Once installed, open Turbo VPN Lite.
  3. Next press the button Green Round which is in the top right corner.
  4. open vpn country settings
  5. Please select country server location according to what you want. For example, here I chose Germany.
  6. select VPN country
  7. VPN automatically connects using a German IP address.
  8. Germany VPN is active
  9. After connecting, I can now browse using the Google Chrome browser in Germany.

The final word

That’s the tutorial article on how to change the country on Google Chrome, PC and cellphone. Hopefully this tutorial can help you in finding information on the Google search engine.

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