How to Change Names to Japanese Writing Automatically

Each style of writing often has its own charm. Moreover, when you see Japanese writing which is very cool and aesthetic and can be used as your own name and looks very attractive for nicknames, profile names and so on.

Therefore, many are starting to look for ways to change their name to Japanese writing and see how interesting the results of the writing are.

With the development of digital technology and various things that can be done easily and simply, it is also possible for us to try changing names to Japanese writing Katakana or Hiragana online.

Japanese writing Katakana, Hiragana and Kanji has made many people start translating their own names into these languages. Like wanting to have a name on social media with aesthetic Japanese letters.

So, how do you change your name to Japanese writing? Katakana Kanji and Hiragana are becoming popular. By using this Japanese letter style, we can know how to change the writing to Japanese. Usually, this is used for social media profiles or game nicknames to make them look attractive.

However, quite a few people need this to do school assignments and learn Japanese language and writing. Therefore, translating names into Japanese writing is quite important for some groups.

How to Change Names to Japanese Writing with Translate

By translating names into Japanese writing, it is also a process that allows us to also change names into Japanese.

Even though it seems simple, this is very difficult to do, especially when you can’t understand the meaning of the Japanese writing.

Translating from names to Japanese writing means you can also do this manually and look at the Japanese letters which can be converted to regular alphabetical writing in Indonesian.

Here are the steps on how to change your name to Japanese using Google Translate.
How to change a name to Japanese writing with Translate

  1. Visit the Google Translate website.
  2. Select Indonesian to Japanese.
  3. Type the name you want to change to Japanese writing.
  4. Google translate will automatically change the name you type.
  5. Copy the Japanese writing and save it to your notes.
  6. Finished.

If you find it difficult to translate names into Japanese manually. You can use several online sites that have started to develop widely.

There is a method that you can use to translate names into Japanese writing online. You can take advantage of various online sites that can provide conversion tools or change names for free.

Changing Names to Japanese Writing Katakana Using Web Lexilogos

There are lots of sites that provide translation tools and can be used. With various online sites which are a breakthrough and shortcut for writing your own Japanese name, it also makes it easier for those of us who want to translate writing from Indonesian into Japanese.

You can choose which site you think is suitable to help translate Indonesian into Japanese for free.

There are several popular sites that you can visit, such as Lexilogis or Japanese Name Generator. These two sites can help you change your name to Japanese writing online.

How to change names to Japanese writing katakana
  1. First visit the site
  2. Type the name you want to change to Japanese Katana.
  3. The writing will change automatically to Japanese Katakana.
  4. Copy and save the finished Japanese Katana text.
  5. Finished.

Apart from the method above, you can also try other generator sites which also allow us to find cool and aesthetic Japanese names. So you won’t have any more difficulties when you want to change your Facebook name to Japanese.

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