How to Change Subtitles on iQIYI to Indonesian Subtitles

Hello guys… on this occasion I want to share a tutorial on how to change subtitles on iQIYI to Indonesian subtitles.

iQIYI is a video streaming application that allows users to watch films for free or for a fee, and of course it is legal. iQIYI presents various interesting video categories, including: Drama, Movie, K-Drama, Variety Show and Anime.

Since the 2023 pandemic, people’s activities have been limited, so they spend more time at home. It will definitely feel boring if there are no activities or work, especially if you live alone and don’t have anyone to accompany you, hehee.

When I’m not playing outside, I usually spend more time watching films on streaming applications. Apart from Netflix, another application I use is iQIYI.

Yes, iQIYI has now become my friend during my long free time. iQIYI provides lots of interesting content in various categories, and of course iQIYI provides Indonesian subtitles.

Subtitle feature on iQIYI

One feature that I think is mandatory on a streaming platform is subtitles. iQIYI itself has provided a feature to change subtitles for its users.

So, when users from Indonesia don’t understand English or other foreign languages, we can change it by using Indonesian subtitles.

Currently there are 10 subtitles that users can choose from, including Indonesian. Here are the 10 subtitle languages ​​available on the iQIYI app:

  • Arabic
  • Korean language
  • Spanish language
  • English
  • Indonesian
  • Vietnamese
  • Malaysian language
  • Thai
  • Simplified Mandarin
  • Traditional Mandarin

Watching films on iQIYI will be more comfortable with subtitles that we understand. You also need to know that apart from selecting subtitles, users can also participate in maximizing subtitles through the subtitle editing feature.

How to Change Subtitles on iQIYI

Actually, changing subtitles on iQIYI is very easy, but there are definitely new users who don’t know where the button to change them is.

Therefore, in this article, as one of the iQIYI application users, I will share the tutorial. Below are the steps for changing subtitles on iQIYI to Indonesian.

  1. Open the latest version of the iQIYI application.
  2. Search and select any video you want to watch now.
  3. The first time the video is played, the position must be vertical, first change the video position to full screen and horizontal.
  4. set it to full screen
  5. Next, press your cellphone screen (free anywhere), then various video settings buttons will appear. So, please select the button Subtitles which is in the bottom right corner.
  6. change iqiyi subtitles to Indonesian
  7. Several subtitle options will appear, please select Indonesian subtitles.
  8. iqiyi Indonesian subtitles
  9. Finished.

If you want to change to another language, do the same thing. Likewise with disabling subtitles.

Why don’t iQIYI subtitles appear?

If subtitles don’t appear on iQIYI, it’s possible that you haven’t activated the subtitle feature or maybe you accidentally disabled the subtitles.

Follow the steps to activate iQIYI subtitles below:

  1. Open the iQIYI application
  2. Play any video you want to watch
  3. Change the video viewing position to full screen and horizontally
  4. Press any screen and a subtitle button will appear in the bottom right corner
  5. Activate subtitles and select the language you want
  6. Finished.

Can I change the subtitle color on iQIYI?

Meanwhile, the iQIYI application does not yet provide a feature to change the color of subtitles in videos. So, if you look for a tutorial on the internet you definitely won’t find it.

The subtitle writing color will continue to be white with a black border. By combining these two colors, the subtitles will be clearer and will not damage the video appearance of the film you are watching.

The final word

That’s the tutorial on how to change subtitles on iQIYI to Indonesian that I can convey, it’s very easy, isn’t it? Now you can watch any film on iQIYI in a language you understand.

And don’t forget to subscribe to iQIYI premium to make watching more comfortable and exciting. That’s all, hopefully it’s useful.

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