How to change WhatsApp text to italics, bold and strikethrough

Is there a way to change WhatsApp text to italics, bold and strikethrough? The answer is yes. You can change the Whatsapp writing font according to the features or basic codes provided by Whatsapp.

Currently, the WhatsApp application can be said to be an application that is very popular and is needed by many people as the main communication tool. In fact, the current WhatsApp application is not only personal, but there is also WhatsApp Business which is usually used for communication between entrepreneurs or traders.

One of the reasons why WhatsApp has always been a messaging application that is widely used by people is the application’s simple appearance, not many advertisements, and many interesting features that users can use.

This WhatsApp service also relies on an internet database or what is commonly known as Over The Top (OTT) using conventional short message services (SMS) from cellular operators.

WhatsApp always updates its application by adding various interesting features for its users, for example, previously WhatsApp did not provide a status feature, but now there is a status feature, so we can see the various statuses of the contacts on our WhatsApp.

So, with the features provided by WhatsApp, have you ever thought about changing the appearance or text of WhatsApp? For example, changing the chat background with wallpaper or personal photos, changing the text to crooked, thickAnd cross out and so on so that chats become more detailed and not boring.

How to change WhatsApp text to italics, bold and strikethrough

There are many variations of how to change WhatsApp writing, styles or variations of WhatsApp writing ranging from italics, bold and strikethrough. If you haven’t tried colored writing and writing WhatsApp upside down yet, maybe you need help with a WhatsApp text editing application.

So, if this method can be done by all WhatsApp users without additional applications, just add the WhatsApp text code and then the WhatsApp text will be different. Here are 4 basic guide tricks for making WhatsApp writing unique and cool.

1. Make WhatsApp text italic

The first trick is to change the text in your WhatsApp chat to italic. Italic writing also shows different words and is important for people to see when chatting on WhatsApp with you.

The way to do this is to add an underscore sign (_). Then send the message to your contact.

For more details, you can see the following image.

whatsapp writing in italics

2. Make WhatsApp text bold

Bold characters usually indicate something that really needs to be paid attention to, or can also differentiate ordinary words from something important.

So using bold text can be seen clearly by our WhatsApp contacts because the text is different from the others, so they will pay more attention to your chat.

To make the text in WhatsApp messages bold, all you have to do is add an asterisk (*) at the front and back of the chat text in your WhatsApp application.

For more details, you can see the following bold WhatsApp chat.

whatsapp text is bold

3. Strikethrough WhatsApp text

You can also act like an editor revising an assignment, try adding a strikethrough to the WhatsApp message you want to send. To make WhatsApp text strikethrough, all you have to do is add a tilde (~) only at the front and back of the message you want to send.

For more details, you can see the following example of scribbled writing.

whatsapp text is crossed out

4. Combination of bold, italic and strikethrough WhatsApp text

You can also combine bold, italic and strikethrough writing in your WhatsApp application. The method is to simply type the appropriate signs in sequence and end with the opposite. Examples are as follows: *_~Combination of bold italics strikethrough~_*

For more details, you can see the following example of a WA image chat.

whatsapp writing combination

The final word

That’s how to change text on Whatsapp, you can also try these methods which we have outlined for example above.

Of course, by combining the text into bold, italics and strikethrough, you can provide detailed chats so they don’t get boring. Good luck.

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