How to chat on WhatsApp without saving number on iPhone, Android & PC

Want to know how to chat on WhatsApp without saving someone else’s cellphone number first? It’s really easy, you do this by creating a WhatsApp link that leads to a direct chat. Read more below.

WhatsApp is now the most widely used messaging application worldwide. Through WhatsApp messages, users can send short messages, image files, videos, documents and audio to fellow WhatsApp users.

This application, which is light but has many features, is superior in communicating.

When using WhatsApp, the telephone number is the most important aspect, because WhatsApp users will not be able to send messages if the user has not saved their contacts.

If you want to contact someone via the WhatsApp application, first you have to save the number (contact) of the person you want to send/contact via the WhatsApp application.

However, in the WhatsApp application first you need to save the person’s number (contact) then you can contact them.

By saving the user’s contact telephone number in the WhatsApp application, WhatsApp will scan the list and see who are the people who use the WhatsApp short messaging application. So users can start communicating with each other via the WhatsApp application.

So can we send WhatsApp messages to someone even if we don’t save the contact? The following is an easy discussion on how to chat on WhatsApp without saving your cellphone number.

Many people have used these methods, because they are easier and simpler for you to practice.

How to chat on WhatsApp without saving the number

This first method is the most recommended for you, because this method itself is listed in the WhatsApp FAQ which contains ways to use WhatsApp. is a feature that really helps WhatsApp users, because it can send messages from various devices via a browser. It can even be done without saving the user number.

You can also do this method on iPhone, Android and PC. Here’s how to chat on WhatsApp without saving your cellphone number:

  1. Open the browser on your cellphone, you can use Google Chrome or the default browser on your cellphone.
  2. Then type in the address bar which will be followed by the destination telephone number.
  3. WhatsApp chat via
  4. For example, the number you will call later is +6289604414851, then later you only need to enter the link
  5. WhatsApp chat directly without saving the number
  6. After that, an option will appear on WhatsApp for the duration of the conversation with the destination number. And you can contact that person via the WhatsApp application without needing to save that person’s number.

Chat WhatsApp without saving the number with the Click To Chat application

The second method that you can apply is by using the Click To Chat application. This application is available on Google Play Store and App Store.

The Click To Chat application is considered a simple application because it does not display strange advertisements in the application and the permissions submitted are also not complicated for users.

Usually assistance applications like this have lots of advertisements, but not click to chat applications.

WhatsApp chat using click to chat

Following are the steps to chat WA without saving the number using the Click To Chat application:

  1. Install and open the Click To Chat application
  2. Select the destination number country
  3. Enter the telephone number of the person you want to contact
  4. Fill in the message you want to send to that number
  5. If so, press the button Send Now
  6. Automatically enter the WhatsApp conversation page without needing to save the person’s number.

How to Chat WhatsApp Using Google

This third method is considered the fastest method. You only need to enter the number of the person you want to contact into the address bar on Google (not Google Chrome, OK).

After that, the number you have entered will be pressed for a long time and an option will appear which will continue you to the WhatsApp conversation page.

This third method can be done with the Android 10 or Android 9 Pie operating system which is available on a number of smartphones.

The final word

Those are 3 ways to chat on WhatsApp without saving the number that you can apply so that the WhatsApp link goes to the chat.

How about it, it’s really easy, isn’t it? In my opinion, the easiest way is the first method, just type plus the WhatsApp number after that, you can chat straight away.

Hopefully it’s useful.

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