How to Check Cimb Niaga Account Number and Example Number

As users of banking services and products, customers are often faced with various problems. One of the things that happens most often and almost everyone experiences it is not remembering the account number.

Are you one of those who experienced it? If it was like this, what would you do? To get the answer, make sure to keep reading the following review!

How to Check Cimb Niaga Account Number

Forgetting account numbers has become commonplace because almost everyone has experienced it. The fact is that we don’t carry out banking transactions every day. Account numbers consist of varying combinations of numbers so it can be difficult to remember them.

Not to mention, we don’t carry a savings book every day because the risk of losing it is greater. The best way that is highly recommended is to join using mobile banking services, internet banking.

Check the Savings Book

The easiest way without panicking first is to check your savings book again. Try taking your savings book and looking at the 16 digit account number listed on the first page. For this reason, make sure to look after your savings book carefully to anticipate unexpected things like this.

This method of checking account numbers offline is still done by everyone to this day. Especially by customers who do not use e-banking or m-banking services.

Via Mobile banking

Almost all commercial and sharia banks have implemented mobile banking services so that it is easier for customers to make transactions. Cimb Niaga’s mobile banking service is called Go Mobile or OCTO Mobile. Here are easy steps to check your CIMB Niaga account number online:

  1. Open the Go Mobile application.
  2. Then enter your password or fingerprint.
  3. If you successfully enter the main menu, please click My Account.
  4. Next, select a Savings Account according to the account type when you register.
  5. Done, the account number will appear under the Cimb Niaga savings name.

Via Internet Banking

Apart from mobile banking, a bank service that is no less popular is internet banking called CIMB Clicks which can be used to find out account numbers. To access this service, customers can use a computer, laptop or smartphone. Here are easy steps to do it:

  1. Access the page
  2. Log in with ID and password.
  3. Select the View Account Movement menu.
  4. The account number will appear on the display.


The next way you can find out information about your Cimb Niaga account number is through an ATM machine. Here you can select the mutation menu, the receipt that comes out will definitely contain the account number. Here are the steps you can try:

  1. Visit the nearest Cimb Niaga ATM outlet.
  2. Insert the card as usual by entering the PIN, selecting language and more.
  3. Will appear in the main menu display, select Other Transactions.
  4. Then select Transaction Summary.
  5. Click Savings.
  6. Later the ATM machine will process your service needs and issue a receipt.
  7. On the receipt you can see the account number.

Cimb Niaga Call Center

Apart from savings books and mobile banking, you can also use the Cimb Niaga Call Center service as a way to view and sample Cimb Niaga account numbers. All customer complaints will be accommodated and resolved in this section. What’s even more interesting is that the Call Center service accepts calls 24 hours every day. Of course, this is a benefit that all Cimb Niaga customers can get.

For those of you who want to contact the Cimb Niaga Call Center to find out your account number, please call 14041.

Example of Cimb Niaga Account Number

As additional information, here we will also inform you that the number of digits in the Cimb Niaga account number is 14 digits. And an example of a Cimb Niaga account number that you can find out is 76190000930XXX.

Cimb Niaga DANA Account No

The DANA virtual account code number is 8059if you have a DANA account with telephone number 081223456789 then your CIMB Niaga Dana account number is 8059081234567890.

The DANA virtual account number is used when topping up the balance which can be done via Cimb Niaga ATM, Go Mobile and Interbank Transfer or ATM Bersama.

The final word

So, those are some easy ways to check and find out the Cimb Niaga bank account number. Hopefully the review above is useful and can be a reference for those of you who are looking for how to check Cimb Niaga account numbers and examples of Cimb Niaga account numbers.

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