How to check where your JNE package has arrived

How to check where a JNE package has arrived – Currently sending packages is very easy and fast because the delivery service itself has the choice of whether you want it to arrive quickly, rather quickly, or slowly. Everything can be chosen based on cost.

In Indonesia, there are several well-known package delivery services. Starting from the legendary oranges of Pos Indonesia, Tiki, or JNE. All have their respective advantages and disadvantages. Friends, in this article we will discuss how to check JNE packages with receipts.

Of course, the recipient of the goods will feel anxious if the goods take a long time to arrive or even arrive late. Therefore, I will provide information on how to check whether JNE goods have arrived or not.

How to check where your JNE package has arrived

The main requirement for tracking JNE packages is the receipt number. Usually the JNE receipt number will be obtained after 1×24 hours.

Tracking packages or goods that you order can be done in various ways. These include using the official JNE website, the JNE application from your cellphone, other online sites (third party sites such as, and through the nearest JNE office or outlet. See: JNE Operational Hours.

Oh yes, to track a JNE package that hasn’t arrived, you must have a receipt number. If you don’t have a tracking number, you’ll need to ask the sender or seller for a tracking number.

Check JNE Packages on the JNE Website

OK, now please see how to check where your JNE package has arrived below.

  1. Visit the shipment tracking page on the JNE website.
  2. On this JNE website page, you will see the column menu “Available up to 20 Airwaybills”.
  3. Check where the JNE package has arrived
  4. Please enter the receipt number into the column, then press the “SEARCH“.
  5. Wait a few moments until the status information for your shipment appears.
  6. Finished.

Explanation of JNE Delivery Status

To know or recognize the term status in JNE shipments, you should read the description below, because there is a lot of information regarding package status.

It could be that the package is late, the package has been exchanged, etc. For this reason, you must read the provisions in the description when tracking the package on JNE tracking. The following are the terms and their explanations.

  • On-Process: the package is in the process of being sent to the destination address.
  • Manifest: the package has been registered and ready to be sent from the JNE origin office.
  • Delivered : the package has arrived and been received at the destination address and the name of the recipient of the package has been recorded.
  • On-Transit: the package is in transit in another city to the destination city.
  • Redelivery or RD : The goods have been re-sent to the intended address.
  • Cnee Unknown: The recipient’s name is unknown when delivery is made to the destination address. Contact the delivery service if the package has not been received.
  • AU (Return): the package was not sent the previous day.
  • BA (Bad Address): Incomplete or clear address, no RT/RW, subdistrict, house number, alley, and so on.
  • Cris Cross: Condition of the package being exchanged. Contact the delivery service, tell us the characteristics of the packaging (if you know) and more complete details of the destination address.
  • AU (Redelivery): the package will be resent, because it was not sent the previous day.

Check JNE packages via cellphone with the MyJNE application

This application has the advantage of checking delivery receipts more quickly. How to check whether a JNE package has arrived or not via the MyJNE application, namely:

  1. Download and install the MyJNE application via your Google Play Store.
  2. Open the MyJNE application.
  3. Enter your package receipt number in the column provided.
  4. Then click “Check Receipt”
  5. Wait a few moments until information appears about where your package has arrived.

That’s the review of the article above about how to check where a JNE package has arrived, it’s really easy, right? That way you can check whether JNE goods have arrived or not.

Hopefully this is useful, thank you.

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