How to Clear Cache on iPhone Quickly

Hello bro, still discussing tutorials on using the iPhone. On this occasion I will share how to clear the cache on the iPhone, application cache and iPhone system cache.

As time goes by using the iPhone, the storage space on the iPhone is getting thinner due to the increasing number of files and documents, not to mention the installation of large capacity applications installed.

But it’s not just files that make it full, cache data can also cause storage space to become full.

So, before going to the tutorial on how to clear the cache on an iPhone, you should first understand the cache on the iPhone.

What is Cache on iPhone?

Cache is a temporary storage process for the system or application installed in the cellphone memory. Applications installed on the iPhone will store cache, the more frequently the cellphone is used, the more cache will accumulate.

The analogy is like this. Like the first time you go to the office, of course you have a little difficulty finding your way to the office.

After walking around and finding your way to the office, you will come to the office faster because you already know where it is.

This is also what happens to the cache. Very effective and can speed up opening applications or displaying pages in the browser.

Can the cache on iPhone be deleted?

The answer is Can. The effect of deleting the cache is to delete all cellphone and user data previously stored in memory, but the good side is that the memory capacity will increase again.

New iPhone users may be confused about how to clear cache on iPhone. Because the iPhone itself does not provide special features or applications to clear the iPhone cache.

Very different from Android phones which provide a fast feature for clearing cache data, just 1 click on a particular application, all system caches and l applications are immediately cleaned right away.

Then what about the iPhone, is there no clear cache feature or is it difficult to do it? Of course there is, the method is different from Android.

Benefits of Clear Data and Cache on iPhone

The advantage after clearing the cache on the cellphone is that it makes the cellphone lighter to use, lighter in the sense of carrying out any activity on the iPhone, more precisely possible multitasking.

This is because the memory capacity will increase slightly and the memory will work more stably, thus making the iPhone more comfortable when used.

Many iPhone users don’t realize this, they are lazy to clean their memory. Some are even afraid

Wondering how to do it? OK, let’s go straight to the tutorial below.

How to Clear Cache on iPhone

As I said before, clearing the system cache on an iPhone is very different from Android.

To clear the system cache, you can restart your iPhone. The way to restart an iPhone is as follows:

  1. Press the button Sleep/Wake on the side of the iPhone body.
  2. Wait until the menu appears Slide to Power Off.
  3. Slide Slide to Power Off to turn off iPhone.
  4. To activate it, please press the button Sleep/Wake a few seconds until the iPhone screen turns on.
  5. After restarting, the iPhone system automatically restarts fresh and effective in managing system memory.

How to Clear App Cache on iPhone

After clearing the iPhone’s system cache, you can also clear the cache of certain applications. Here are the steps:[honekamujugabisamembersihkancacheaplikasitertentuBerikutadalahlangkah-langkahnya:

  1. Open the app Arrangement.
  2. Select an option Generalthen select iPhone Storage.
  3. A list of applications installed on the iPhone appears, please select application which will delete the data and cache.
  4. Now it’s time to delete, please choose Delete App to delete all data related to the application.

Now the application and all data have been deleted, there is no longer any data from the application stored in the iPhone’s memory.

PS: If you don’t want to delete data and cache, you just want to delete the application, you can select the option Exit App. All data will be saved and when you reinstall the application, the data will return to how it was before.

How to Clear iPhone Safari Browser Cache

In the Safari browser, deleting data and cache is different from the method above, you can delete it directly through the Safari application. Here are the steps on how to clear history, cache and cookies in safari browser:

  1. Open the app Arrangement.
  2. Search and open Safari.
  3. Then touch Clean Website History & Data.
  4. Finished.

The final word

That’s the end of the discussion on how to clear the cache on the iPhone. You can do all the steps above easily, right?

Don’t forget to restart your iPhone regularly and routinely so that the cache doesn’t accumulate. Of course you will also be more comfortable when using it.

That’s all for this iPhone tutorial article, I hope it’s useful!

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