How to Compress Photos to 200 KB without Reducing Quality

When you want to send administrative documents, such as for the CPNS list, there are several requirements that must be met, one of which is a photo of your KTP and passport photo with a maximum size of 200 KB. You must know how to compress photos to 200 KB online and offline, so that later your administrative documents can be accepted by HRD.

Generally, the file size of the original photo taken by the camera is large, around 1-4 MB. It is quite difficult to change the size to 200 KB.

Please also note that reducing the photo size to 200 KB can cause the photo quality to become blurry or unclear, so you have to be smart in compressing photos so that the photos remain clear to see.

So, on this occasion, I will share how to compress images to 200 KB according to my experience. Curious about how? Read more below.

How to Compress Photos to 200 KB

How to reduce the size of a photo to 200 KB is actually very easy, it can be done online or offline. However, not everyone can do it, especially since they have to maintain the quality of the photo so that it remains clear.

For the online method, we can use photo compression sites without reducing quality. There are several really good 200kb photo compression websites.

Meanwhile, to compress 200 KB CPNS photos offline, we can use the Photoshop application. One of the most popular photo editing applications, you are probably familiar with the name of the application.

1. Compress Photos to 200 KB Online

You can compress photos online using any gadget. Can use cellphones, laptops, tablets and others. In this tutorial I use a cellphone, because it’s easier and of course I often carry my cellphone everywhere.

Here are the steps to compress photos to 200 KB online:

  1. Visit the website
  2. Click the ” buttonUPLOAD FILES“.
  3. Select and upload the photos you want to compress.
  4. upload compressed photos
  5. Scroll down to determine the quality of the compress, adjust the Quality until the results compressed 200KB.
  6. If it is set, click “APPLY“.
  7. compress photos to 200 kb
  8. Wait until the photo compression is done.
  9. When finished, click the “buttonDOWNLOAD“.
  10. compress photos to 200 kb online
  11. The photo will be saved to the device storage.
  12. Finished.

2. Compress 200 KB Photos Offline

The above is an online method that is done on a cellphone device. Laptop users can use the offline method, namely using the Photoshop application.

Here are the steps:

  1. Open the Photoshop application on the laptop.
  2. Select option “Files“, Then “Open“.
  3. Select the photo you want to convert to 200 KB.
  4. If the photo is open in Photoshop, then export the photo by pressing the button Shift + Alt + Ctrl + S on the keyboard simultaneously.
  5. On the menu Quality enter numbers 80.
  6. If it is set, click “Save” to compress and save the photo.

Important: Determining the numbers in the Quality menu can be adjusted according to your needs. Numbers can be set starting from 0-100. Please set the appropriate number so that your photos can be compressed to 200 KB or below.

For example, the original photo is 1 MB in size, I compress it in Photoshop by entering Quality 80, then the photo size will be 200 KB.

Web Compress Photos 200 KB Online

As an alternative to the photo compression website, if the method above occurs or is no longer usable, you can use several 200 KB photo compression websites below:


The final word

That’s the article on how to compress photos to 200 KB online and offline. Both are equally easy to do whether using a cellphone or laptop. Just compress the photo several times and select quality until the size becomes 200 KB.

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