How to Create and Delete Permanent WhatsApp Groups

Want to create a new WhatsApp group or do you already have a group but want to delete the WhatsApp group permanently? Don’t worry, because this article will discuss both. Check out the complete tutorial below.

Whatsapp is an application that makes it easier for users to communicate with friends, family and closest relatives. Because the Whatsapp application is simple and light, many people choose WhatsApp as their mainstay application for chatting with people closest to them.

WhatsApp has many features that make this application extraordinary. One feature that makes it easier for many people to communicate on one chat page is the WhatsApp group feature.

Groups are chat rooms that are very important in the WhatsApp application. Groups are basically online chat rooms consisting of several contacts, where you can chat and share information with friends, family and close relatives in one WhatsApp group.

Many WhatsApp users are greatly helped by the superior features of this application, because WhatsApp groups help people connect in one group with the aim of sharing information.

Say you are a leader, then you can create a WhatsApp group to make it easier to send information to members via the WhatsApp group.

How to Create Your Own WhatsApp Group

In this WhatsApp group you can add as many contacts as you want, if you are a group admin, you can also remove contacts from the WhatsApp group.

Seeing how this WhatsApp group feature is very useful, below I will tell you how to create a WhatsApp group quickly.

1. First open the application WhatsApp.
2. Click the menu icon point three which is in the upper right corner.

Open WhatsApp settings

3. Select menu New Group.

create a new whatsapp group

4. Select the contacts you want to add to the created group.
5. Select the green arrow menu.
6. Enter the desired group name according to your goals, this group name will be visible to everyone who is part of the WhatsApp group.

whatsapp group name and group photo

7. Next, select the green tick when you have finished adding contacts to the group.
8. Done, the WhatsApp group has been successfully created.

How to Delete a WhatsApp Group That We Created Ourselves

After knowing how to create a WhatsApp group, then if you want to delete the group because all your and the members’ needs have been completed then you can delete the WhatsApp group in the following way.

Please note, to permanently delete a WhatsApp group, you must have status as admin of the WhatsApp group. The way to delete it is as follows:

delete whatsapp group
  1. Open WhatsApp Group which will be deleted.
  2. Then tap the group name to enter the group info menu.
  3. Then remove the group members one by one until they run out by tapping Member Contact and select Take it out. Do these steps until the group has no more members.
  4. After you have removed the members, you must also remove yourself from the group.
  5. Next, if there are no group members, then go to the group menu and select Exit group.
  6. Done, then the group has been successfully deleted.
  7. Delete the WhatsApp group chat if you don’t want to see the WhatsApp group.

The steps to delete a group are not easy, especially if there are many group members. However, you can also inform the group so that members leave the group themselves because this WhatsApp group will soon be deleted, so members can leave the group themselves and you don’t need to remove them one by one.

The final word

That’s the information on how to create and delete your own WhatsApp group. Hopefully this information can be useful for you with the WhatsApp group feature. Good luck.

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