How to Create a Free BCA Online Account 2023

How to Create a BCA Account Online – When someone wants to save, of course a customer must register first, so they can save at their destination.

Each bank will continue to develop and innovate to improve its services, such as increasing security and convenience.

One of the conveniences of the Bank’s development is how to register online, meaning you don’t need to go to the Bank office to register but can do it at home.

How to Create a BCA Account Online

To open a BCA Bank account online, you just need to prepare a few things, such as downloading the BCA application which can be downloaded on PlayStore or Appstore.

Prepare a telephone number and make sure the number has sufficient credit because later you will be asked to send a message to confirm registration.

Apart from that, the cellphone number that will be used has never been registered before at BCA Bank, because if the number has already been used at BCA Bank, it cannot be used again.

If everything is ready, just follow the steps on how to create a BCA account online below.

1. Register for BCA Account Creation

First download the BCA Mobile application on the Play Store or Appstore, then you will be shown several options to choose from.

Select an option Open a New Account to start registration, and there you will be asked to fill in personal data such as KTP, signature and NPWP if any.

Complete all the requirements requested in the BCA application, then proceed to the next stage.

2. Select Savings Type

From the account opening option, you will be asked to choose the type of savings you will use, such as:

  • BCA stages : Initial deposit 500,000 and subsequent deposits 50,000
  • Stages of Xpression : With an initial deposit of 50,000 and subsequent deposits of 500,000
  • Gold Stage : Initial deposit 10 million

3. Verify Access Code

At this stage, prospective customers will be asked to verify their telephone number according to the instructions provided by the bank, for this reason, make sure you have sufficient credit.

After the telephone number verification is complete, you will then be directed to create an access code, and create an access code that is easy for you to remember, so that when you want to log in, you can do it easily.

4. Complete Documents

The BCA Mobile application will ask for your document data in the form of a photo, and make sure the writing on the photo you use is clear, because later this data will be used as your valid personal data.

The documents that you will be asked to complete are: signature, personal photo, e-KTP photo and NPWP if available with photo quality that matches the requirements in the application.

From your personal data there too, you will be asked to fill in your personal data such as:

  • Religion
  • Work
  • Residence
  • Marital status
  • Biological mother
  • Purpose of opening an account

5. Choose a BCA Card

You will be taken to a page with various options displayed by BCA mobile, such as card type options.

Where each card has differences, such as transfer limits, cash withdrawal limits with different admin fees, depending on your needs to choose.

6. Choose an Account Branch

Even though it can be done online when registering for BCA bank, you can also choose a BCA branch, for example you choose a BCA Bank branch close to your home location, because later to get a BCA debit card you have to take it directly there.

Apart from that, by choosing the branch you want, it will make it easier to do so, because it is not too far.

7. Video Call with Customer Service

After completing all the documents and selecting the branch that suits you, the next step is to make a video call with BCA customer service to verify the data.

Video calls are only short, taking approximately five minutes. Make sure your internet connection is smooth so that there are no errors when verifying data with customer service.

8. Activate Mobile Banking

The final step to complete account creation is to activate mobile banking, so that your BCA account and BCA mobile banking and internet banking services can be used.

Activating mobile banking simply requires creating a PIN (six digit number), after that the BCA account and mobile banking are ready to be used.

At this stage the process of creating an online BCA account has been completed.

The final word

That’s the registration process for creating an online BCA account. Very easy isn’t it? You don’t need to bother going to the bank and queuing to register. Registration can be done online, but later the BCA debit card will be taken according to the branch you choose.

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