How to Create an Online Store with Blogspot for Free

Don’t know how to create an online shop with Blogspot (blogger) for free?

Don’t worry, here I will share the tutorial briefly and easily to understand!

Creating an online shop on Blogspot is not an impossible thing to do, because now many web designers support it by creating online shop templates specifically for Blogspot.

You don’t need to worry about features anymore. The reason is, the blogger version of online shop templates is now increasingly developing.

The features that should be in an online shop are:

  • Shipping cost info
  • Payment method.
  • Product Information.
  • Social media links.
  • Order now button.
  • Automatic product checkout.
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).
  • Contact person: WhatsApp, SMS and telephone.

So, those are the features that are needed on an online shop website. By being equipped with the features above, potential buyers will have more confidence and courage to buy products in your online shop.

If you really want to create an online shop with a blogger, read this article carefully until the end, don’t miss anything so you can follow it easily later.

Benefits of Creating an Online Store with Blogspot

Be patient, before going to the tutorial, I want to share a little about the advantages we get by building an online shop website on Blogspot, here are the advantages:

1. Cheaper Costs

Actually, it can be free without spending any money. However, to build a professional online shop, you need a little capital to make your online shop cooler.

The cost required is around 100-300 thousand, this money is needed to buy a TLD Domain and a premium blogger template.

No need to buy hosting or server, because Blogspot uses Google’s server. Relax!

2. Don’t worry about security issues

Because this blogspot belongs to Google, we as users don’t need to bother thinking about server or hosting security.hack by other people. All you need to secure is a Google account, it’s very easy.

Imagine if you use your own server or hosting, you need to protect it from data theft, check the server all the time so that there are no errors due to too many visitors, pay monthly or annual server fees.

It’s really annoying, hehee.

3. Easier Store Maintenance

Blogspot does not require ongoing maintenance like online web stores that use their own servers.

Just create a blog and design a template at the start, then just post the product in an SEO friendly manner so that people can easily find it on the Google search engine.

Preparation for Creating an Online Store on Blogspot

There are several requirements that you need to prepare to create an online shop. But don’t worry, all the requirements can be obtained for free.

1. Google Account for Blogger Login

The first requirement is to have a Google account or email from, this Google account is useful for logging in to

Why Blogger? Yes, because blogspot itself can only be created from Blogger.

Blogspot is a platform that provides unlimited free website creation, the sub-domain used is On Blogspot we can write and publish posts.

2. Online Store Template for Bloggers

To create a good and comfortable online shop for potential buyers, we have to design the appearance of the online shop.

Therefore, you have to look for the online shop theme file first. Fortunately, I have written articles recommending online store templates for selling with various themes according to the products to be sold.

For those who don’t have it, please download the free blog template on the following page, online shop blogger template. Look for it at the bottom! If you use the premium version of the template, it will be paid, hehee.

How to Create an Online Store with Blogspot

OK, here I assume all files and Google accounts have been prepared. The next stage is the practice of creating an online web shop using Blogspot. Follow the steps below.

1. Create an Online Shop Blog on Blogger

  1. In the first stage, we will create a blog first. Please visit the following link
  2. The initial display will look like the image below, then press the “button”Create Your Blog“.
  3. login to your account
  4. Login using Google Email Account prepared. Complete the login process until you have successfully logged in to the blogger dashboard, the method for logging in is the same as logging in at
  5. Log in using a Google account
  6. Now, let’s start the stage of creating an online shop blog. Just click on the words “Create Blog” in the top left corner.
  7. create an online shop blogspot
  8. A pop up will appear from creating a blog. The first thing is to fill in the name of the online shop you want to create, for example here I created an online shop with the name “Online Shoe Store“Keep clicking.”Next” to continue.
  9. write the name of the online shop
  10. The next step is to determine the address or URL of the online shop. When filling in the URL, sometimes it is not available because it has been registered by someone else, so you need to replace another URL that is still registered.
  11. For example, here I use a URL If available, just click “SAVE“.
  12. write the online shop web url
  13. So at this stage the online shop blog has been successfully created, but the default appearance is still like a personal blog.
  14. So we need to change the appearance and add features to the blog so that it looks like a professional online shop website.
  15. The shortcut is to use a responsive blogger template for online stores.
  16. OK, let’s move on to changing the blog theme, shall we?

2. Change the appearance of the blog into an online shop

  1. Open the Blogger Dashboard (admin page), then open the menu Theme.
  2. Blogspot theme settings menu
  3. Click the down arrow button until a menu list appears as shown in the image below. Select option “healing“.
  4. restore blogspot theme
  5. Then click the button UPLOAD.
  6. upload blogspot online shop theme
  7. Please select a blog template file with formal XML that has been prepared previously. Here I tried to use the BukaBaju template.
  8. Click Open to start uploading while changing the blogger template.
  9. upload the blogspot online shop theme in xml format
  10. Once done, the final result will be more or less like the following online shop

3. Post sales products

To post products, follow the instructions according to the instructions from the template maker. Each online shop blogger template is usually equipped with a guide document.

Each blogger template has a different post format, it all depends on the features and appearance of the blog template itself.

The final word

That’s a short guide on how to create an online shop with Blogspot. What do you think, it’s very easy, isn’t it? Hehee.

Oohiyaa, if you are planning to use a premium online shop template, try buying the VioMagz template made by Mas Sugeng. The template is simple and easy to operate even for beginners.

OK, that’s all for this article about the blog, I hope it can be useful and helpful! Share with your friends or relatives so they can create their own online shop too.

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