How to Display Coordinates on the Latest GPS Map Camera

How to Display Coordinates on GPS Map Camera – As we know, currently smartphones are equipped with advanced features and there are many applications to meet the feature needs on smartphones.

One of the technological advances is an application that can display coordinates on images taken by a smartphone camera. Yes, now the camera can not only take pictures but also get important information such as location, temperature, weather, time and much more.

The application that supports this feature is GPS Map Camera, this application is quite popular among Android users for taking pictures along with coordinates.

So we no longer need to use a GPS device because smartphones already have a GPS module complete with supporting applications.

So, on this occasion I will share a short review of the GPS Map Camera and also how to use it to display coordinates.

But before going to the tutorial, I think you need to know a little about the GPS Map Camera application.

About GPS Map Camera

GPS Map Camera is a camera application that can find out the user’s coordinates. This application has been integrated with Google Maps so it can display the map when taking pictures, and of course the location displayed is accurate.

With this feature, you can display coordinates in the photo. The coordinates displayed are the position where you are at that very moment.

For someone who works in the field, perhaps the GPS Map Camera application can make things easier when working. Usually field workers will do Geotagging, namely taking pictures equipped with geographic information.

What is the geographical information?

This application will provide detailed geotagging information, including complete location address, time, date, temperature and weather.

The features contained in the GPS Map Camera application are as follows:

  • Camera Choice
  • Flash
  • Scene/Exposure/White Balance/ISO/Color Effect
  • Focus Mode
  • Anti-appeal
  • Picture Size/Picture Quality
  • GPS Use
  • GPS picture save/Mp Type/Map Resolution/Map Zoom Scale/Map Size
  • Photo Viewer
  • Sound
  • Dialogue Prompts

How to Display Coordinates on GPS Map Camera

Before starting the tutorial, make sure you have installed the latest version of the GPS Map Camera application, which can be downloaded directly from the Play Store or from other application stores.

Apart from that, make sure the GPS feature on your cellphone is correct and accurate in determining location, because if the GPS module on your cellphone is damaged then the coordinate point finder application will also experience an error (not being able to read the coordinates correctly).

Following are the steps on how to display the coordinates on the GPS Map Camera:

  1. First activate GPS on your cellphone.
  2. After that open it GPS Map Camera.
  3. Entered into Arrangement.
  4. Set GPS Use And GPS picture save like the following picture.
  5. GPS map camera settings
  6. Next, tap the + button in the top left corner of the screen, then select Automatic assign latitude/longitude.
  7. automatic GPS coordinates
  8. Then detailed coordinate point information will automatically appear.
  9. displays coordinates on the GPS map camera

GPS Map Camera Settings

Some tips for setting up the appearance and features of the GPS Map Camera application:

  • Eliminates MAP:
  • Settings → Save GPS image → one (original)

  • Hide GPS Position:
  • Settings → GPS usage → disable GPS

  • Hiding Prompt Dialog:
  • Settings → Prompt Dialog → disable

The final word

That’s the tutorial on how to display coordinates on GPS Map Camera, very easy, right? Now you can take photos at a location complete with coordinates, temperature, time and weather information in the image.

When traveling far away, share geographic information on images or photos taken by the GPS Map Camera on social media.

That’s all for this tutorial, I hope it’s useful.

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