How to Easily Check Postpaid and Prepaid PLN Customer IDs

How to Check PLN Customer ID – PLN customer ID is a unique number that is important in electricity transactions and will be owned by every electricity user. The number on the PLN customer ID is said to be very unique and will always be different for each PLN customer.

The PLN ID must be stored and remembered well, because if the ID is lost, you will not be able to carry out electricity transactions, so you must know how to view the PLN customer ID for transactions.

If you forget your PLN customer ID, don’t panic! There are several ways you can find out your PLN ID easily and without hassle.

In the previous article I explained about Prepaid Electricity and Postpaid Electricity. So, to check your PLN Postpaid and Prepaid ID, the method is as follows.

How to Check PLN Postpaid and Prepaid Customer ID

Not knowing the PLN customer ID number will cause you a lot of trouble because it will hinder activities related to electricity use. To find out the PLN customer ID number, there are several ways you can get the ID.

1. Check PLN Customer ID Online

Apart from visiting the PLN office directly, you can also check your PLN customer ID online on the PLN website. This method is considered easy because you don’t need to go to the PLN office.

  1. Visit the official PLN website
  2. Fill in the name of the account owner.
  3. Then check, wait until the PLN ID information appears.

Apart from that, you can also do this using the PLN application which must be downloaded first. From this application you will be able to find out the customer ID number complete with the name of the owner and the amount of the electricity bill that must be paid.

2. Look at the PLN Customer Card

If you want to know your PLN ID, just look at the card provided by PLN. Every PLN electricity user must receive an identity card containing important information about the customer, the card contains the meter number or PLN customer ID. Therefore, PLN customer cards must be maintained properly.

3. Look at the Electric Meter

You can check your PLN ID by looking at the ID number printed on the electricity meter. This method is the easiest to do.

However, unfortunately, because the ID number is just a piece of paper that is attached to it, it is not surprising that the number will not last long due to exposure to sunlight or peeling off.

Usually a number will be affixed to the meter when the meter is first installed. PLN customer ID has 11 to 12 digit numbers.

4. Check the Payment Receipt

You can have this payment receipt when you make a payment at the PLN office directly or to a PLN officer who comes to your house directly. This customer ID number can be found on the payment receipt, namely in the top left corner.

Apart from finding it on the payment receipt directly, you can also see it through e-commerce which has been used for transactions. Checking customer ID via e-commerce can be done at any time.

4. Contact PLN Customer Service

The next way to check PLN customer ID is by contacting PLN customer service. To use this method, first make sure you have the PLN customer service contact number. PLN customer service can be contacted via various media such as telephone, WhatsApp, email, and even via PLN social media.

5. Check PLN Customer ID by Name

The next step to find out the customer ID number is to check the PLN customer ID using the name of the electricity account owner.

This method can be done by visiting the PLN office directly. You only need to state your intentions and state the name of the account owner, and then usually you will be asked for an ID card from the account owner.

After providing the data, the PLN officer will provide information regarding your PLN ID. You can check your prepaid or postpaid PLN customer ID directly from the officer.

PLN Customer ID function

This PLN customer ID has a very large function in carrying out electricity transactions. If you think about it, the role will be very similar to the telephone number you have. All transactions related to electricity will only be able to be carried out using this customer ID.

To be clearer about the benefits of this PLN customer ID, here is a brief explanation.

  • Buying Electricity Tokens
  • The most practical way to top up electricity is through an online application, but without knowing this customer ID you will not be able to buy electricity tokens either through online applications or at other token credit top-up places.

  • Paying Monthly Electricity
  • The electricity bill is a liability that must be paid every month to facilitate daily electricity needs. If it is not paid for months, the electricity line will be cut off.

    And when making online payments, this PLN customer ID must be entered as a transaction condition. It’s different if you pay for electricity at the PLN office directly, perhaps this customer ID number will rarely be used.

  • Electricity Payment Deductions
  • People who use electricity at a power determined by the government will usually receive a discount or free electricity assistance. And one of the requirements that must be filled in is the PLN customer ID number. Without this number you will not be able to log in and register as a potential recipient of electricity subsidies with that particular power.

The final word

That’s a tutorial on how to check PLN Postpaid and Prepaid Customer IDs that you can follow easily.

Even though it is rarely used, in reality you will really need this 12 digit unique number. Considering how important the PLN customer ID number is, you should not be careless in saving it, so that you don’t have to have difficulty checking the PLN customer ID.

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