How to Easily Make Clothes in Zepeto Studio

Never played Zepeto and want to try it? Make sure before getting lost in the excitement, leave space on your cellphone to download the Zepeto character game application, you will also find out how to make clothes in Zepeto.

Octoberbe your friends have already played Zepeto and this is what makes you want to try playing it, the 3D characters in Zepeto are quite interesting, but you need to pay in several ways if you want to use these special 3D characters.

However, to try it you can use the characters that are available for free in the menu options, if you want to try paid characters you can use coins or zem, so that you can collect lots of coins you need to play the games in the menu of the Zepeto application.

Try opening the world menu in the menu options, then type master jump in the search field, play master jump then enter the training room, here you will still play parkour until you reach the specified limit to get zem or coins.

If you have earned enough coins, you can buy a 3D character that you have previously targeted. To beautify your character, of course you need to decorate it by making clothes or costumes, so how do you make clothes on Zepeto?

How to Make Clothes on Zepeto

Not many people know that players can make their own clothes on Zepeto, usually players will use clothes that are already provided in the gallery, but the appearance of the same clothes quickly gets boring.

To give a different and fresh look, you can make clothes according to your wishes. Not only will you get clothes that match your wishes, but you will also get additional zem up to more than 30 points, sounds very interesting, right?

Here are the steps for making clothes in Zepeto Studio:

  1. Open the Zepeto application.
  2. Open the Google Chrome browser
  3. Type the words Zepeto Studio in the search field
  4. Octoberbe there will be many choices that appear, but you can choose Zepeto Studio at the top.
  5. After clicking Zepeto Studio then click Start to start making clothes.

Read more below so you can wear clothes on your Zepeto character.

You need to log in using email or QR code first before you can continue with the steps for making clothes, once you have done this you will be able to choose the clothing template you want to change.

Just choose according to the criteria or what you want. To add color to your clothes, you can use a coloring application, because by using this application you can choose a variety of interesting colors and of course according to your wishes.

Once you feel the editing process is satisfactory, end it by clicking the Next button, don’t forget to fill in all the categories such as name; price; categories and others, then complete the process by clicking the Save option. Please note that before clicking Save, you should look at the price first.

Why is it necessary to check prices first? Of course, just in case the number of coins or zem is low, once you are absolutely sure, then save it and automatically the Zepeto clothes that have been made will be yours.

When you want to see the results of previously made clothes, you can go directly to the Zepeto Studio homepage, the clothes you make can be used for your own character, you can do this by opening the studio homepage then clicking the three dots button.

There there will be an option to click Preview on your phone and you will get a notification, maybe from the results of how you make clothes on Zepeto, many players are interested and then buy it and you will get a Zem bonus.

How to Try Newly Made Zepeto Clothes

Once you are able and finished making clothes in Zepeto Studio, you can immediately try the clothes on the character you are wearing in Zepeto. Here’s how to try Zepeto’s new clothes.

  1. Enter the Zepeto Studio homepage.
  2. Click the Triple Dot icon, then click Preview.
  3. A notification will appear from the Zepeto application.
  4. Please click on the notification, later you can try your homemade Zepeto clothes.
  5. Finished.

The final word

That’s a short guide on how to make clothes in Zepeto and how to try on clothes directly in the game. The clothes you make can also earn Zem if other users buy the clothes you make. That’s enough, I hope you can follow this article and succeed in making the clothes.

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