How to Enable iPhone Hotspot Contact Carrier

In this article I will discuss how to activate hotspot on iPhone, bring up missing iPhone hotspot and iPhone personal hotspot problems contact carrier. Read more below!

Tathering is the process of connecting from one device to another, on iPhone devices you can also do this. Tathering on iPhone is better known as “personal hotspot“.

By activating the hotspot on the iPhone, users can share the internet connection with other devices, be they cellphones, computers or other gadgets that have a Wi-Fi feature available.

When there is an emergency, it is very important to activate the personal hotspot feature. Don’t let your iPhone’s personal hotspot disappear.

Therefore, you have to know how to solve this iPhone hotspot that won’t work. So if someone needs an internet connection, they can share a hotspot.

For example, when you’re going out with friends, family or maybe your boyfriend, you suddenly run out of internet quota. It’s a shame if your cellphone is an iPhone but can’t share internet access.

Because now reading this article, I’m sure you are experiencing problems with your personal hotspot not being able to activate and you don’t know how to activate the iPhone hotspot.

How to Enable Hotspot on iPhone

Actually activating the iPhone hotspot is very easy, just a few steps in the iPhone Settings menu can do it. Try following the steps below.

how to activate personal hotspot
  1. Open the app Arrangement.
  2. Select menu Personal Hotspot.
  3. Tap the slider Allow Access to enable hotspot.
  4. iPhone hotspot is active.

For more details, you can follow the steps in the following video.

How to Change iPhone Hotspot Name and Password

1. Rename iPhone Hotspot

  1. Open the app Arrangement.
  2. Select menu General.
  3. Then choose About > Name.
  4. Please change the name of the iPhone device to change the hotspot SSID name.

2. Change iPhone Hotspot Password

  1. Open the app Arrangement.
  2. Select menu Personal Hotspot.
  3. Then choose Wi-Fi Password.
  4. Please create a password as desired (minimum 8 characters).

Resolve Set Up Personal Hotspot Contact Carrier on iPhone

The problem that often occurs when you want to activate the iPhone hotspot is that a warning appears Set Up Personal Hotspot as follows “To enable personal hotspot on this account, contact Carriers“. As in the image below, the notification is approximately.

personal hotspot contact Carrier

This happens because the user has not set the APN in the cellular settings. For those of you who are experiencing problems like the one above, don’t worry because now you have visited the right blog page, in this tutorial article I will provide a solution and show you how to activate it.

How to Enable iPhone Hotspot Contact Carrier

Oh yes… before going to how to set up an iPhone hotspot, contact the carrier. Just let me know that the iPhone I am using in practice this time is the iPhone 7 Plus and the current software version is version 13.6.1.

For how to bring up the hotspot on a personal iPhone that was lost due to contacting the carrier, please follow the steps below.

  1. Open the app Arrangement then select Mobile.
  2. iPhone settings
  3. Here you cannot directly set up Personal Hotspot, there are settings that must be changed. Please select the menu Cellular Data Network.
  4. iPhone cellular settings
  5. Scroll down until you find the menu PRIVATE HOTSPOT > fill in the column APN.
  6. In the form provided, you just need to fill in the APN Personal Hotspot section. Fill in according to the operator you are using, this is so that the internet connection you are using runs smoothly.

    List of APNs for Indonesian operators:

  • APN Three (3): 3data
  • Telkomsel APN: internet
  • APN by.U: internet
  • APN XL: internet
  • Indosat APN: indosatgprs
  • APN AXIS: internet
  • Smartfren APN: smartfren4g

Because I use the XL operator, the APN that is filled in is internet, if it has been filled in, tap the back button.

apn settings
  • OK, you can see the difference in the picture below, there is information that the personal hotspot is off. This means that the personal hotspot can be set to off or on. Just tap Personal Hotspot.
  • iPhone personal hotspot
  • In the menu section Allow Access swipe right to activate hotspot.
  • And this is hotspot password iPhone wifi.
  • enable iPhone personal hotspot
  • Now try opening the initial settings again, there you can find a new menu, namely Personal Hotspot. It’s really helpful to activate the hotspot.
  • iPhone personal hotspot access
  • Finished.
  • You can immediately activate the hotspot without having to restart your iPhone again. Also read How to Restart iPhone.

    The settings above only need to be set once. You can use your iPhone for tathering forever and whenever you want, the important thing is that you have an internet quota, hehee.

    Tips When Enabling iPhone Hotspot for Sharing

    • Don’t use the mobile hotspot on your iPhone for too long or too often, because it will cause the iPhone to heat up quickly and drain the battery more quickly. Apart from that, battery health decreases more quickly.
    • Make sure the devices connected to the hotspot are only people you know and not too many, you can see any devices in the iPhone’s hotspot settings.
    • Immediately change your password after sharing your hotspot with friends or family, because when your hotspot is on, it is possible that previously connected devices can reconnect without you realizing it.

    The final word

    That’s how to activate hotspot on iPhone and make hotspot appear on lost iPhone. It’s very easy isn’t it, just fill in the APN according to the operator in the cellular data network settings, the iPhone can be used for tathering to other devices.

    Don’t forget to use the tips too, so you can save your iPhone battery and your internet quota doesn’t run out quickly. Hope this helps!

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