How to Headshot FF 2023 Easily for All Weapons

Hello survivors… on this occasion will share tips for playing free fire again. The tip I will share is how to headshot ff easily without the need to use cheats, config or other dangerous scripts. Read more below.

Knowing headshot tricks in shooter games like Garena Free Fire is a matter of pride. This can also be a capital of knowledge so that your game quickly develops to become like a pro player.

Learning ff headshots is not as easy as we see like pro players in YouTube videos. There are several techniques and knowledge that you need to learn to get headshots easily.

So, before studying the technique, we should know more about what Headsot FF is, here is the explanation.

What is Headshot FF

ff headshot image

Headshot ff is a technique of shooting at the opponent’s head with only 1 to 2 bullets. When you kill an enemy on FF with a headshot, you will see an FF headshot image like the image above.

Headshot itself is not only done using weapons assault rifle or submachine guns only but you can also use your bare hands (using the kla character), using weapons melle such as pans, bats, katanas and others.

Reasons Survivors Want FF Headshots

The reason is none other than because you want to win the game easily and quickly.

This ff headshot is really feared by all free fire players, how can it not be that in just 1 to 2 seconds our ff character could die if we don’t immediately hide or block it with a gloo wall. Also Read → Fast Custom HUD FF Gloo Wall.

For beginner players who meet pro players who are used to headshots, they might assume their opponent is using an auto headshot cheat.

That’s why many players learn this headshot technique. Fortunately, in this article you can get knowledge about FF headshots.

Let’s start getting into the newest FF headshot method below!

How to Headshot FF Easily

How to keep a headshot on FF

The best way to improve your ability to shoot headshots is to practice, you can practice playing ff to keep getting headshots.

However, continuous practice without knowledge will take longer.

Therefore, training also needs to be accompanied by knowledge of shooting techniques and settings on devices and free fire games.

The following is an explanation of the important points you need to know so that your headshot skills become stronger.

1. Use Easy Headshot FF Sensitivity

Sensitivity in ff games is an important factor in the game. The more the sensitivity settings match the player, the easier it is to take a headshot.

Each player can usually determine the sensitivity settings for their own version. There are those that are suitable for high sensitivity settings and there are also those that are suitable for low settings.

So what if you prefer the rich one? Octoberbe you haven’t been able to find the sensitivity settings yourself.

If you want to imitate the tested FF headshot settings, please look here → FF Auto Headshot Sensitivity.

2. Set Custom HUD FF Easy Headshot

Apart from adjusting the sensitivity, ff players can also change the size and position of certain buttons. For example, changing the size of the ff auto headshot shoot button.

Because each person’s hands and fingers have different reflexes, it is certain that the custom HUD settings are also different.

So the HUD control settings must also be adjusted to suit your own fingers. The way to determine this is easy, namely positioning the button in the most comfortable place, easy and quick to reach with your fingers. Like that!

Just wanted to let you know, if you want to try the hud settings that I have made so that fast hand please see here → Custom HUD FF Auto Headshot Settings.

3. Know Headshot Shooting Techniques

After getting the right sensitivity and custom HUD settings, another thing you have to learn is the technique for shooting headshots on ff.

In the free fire game itself, there are 2 types of weapons, namely long-range and short-range weapons. With these two distance differences, you need several effective shooting techniques.

The following are shooting techniques that have been created in the free fire game.

Shot & Drag

The first shooting technique is Shot & Drag. This technique is often used by pro players when playing in tournaments.

The way to perform the Shot & Drag technique is that the player presses and holds the shoot button while moving the aim towards the opponent, more precisely towards the head so that a headshot occurs.

Weapons that are suitable for using the Shot & Drag technique are long-range weapons such as Scar, Groza, AK and other Assault Rifle weapons.


Semi tapping is a shooting technique by holding the shooting button for just 1 to 2 seconds, doing it repeatedly until the opponent’s character is knocked or dies.

The reason semi-tapping can make headshots easier is none other than because it can keep the recoil of the weapon low, so you can aim at the enemy’s head easily.

Just imagine if you shoot by pressing the button continuously, the bullet will fly/scatter irregularly.

The semi-tapping technique is suitable for medium and long range weapons.

Release Scope

This is different from the 2 techniques above which can be played without a scope. Release Scope is a technique that focuses on scope, the way to play is that the player aims at the enemy character through the scope.

The thing you need to pay attention to when shooting using a scope is the damage the enemy receives. If the damage your opponent receives decreases, release the scope first, then aim and continue shooting the enemy.

The scope release technique can also be combined with shot & drag. When you are aiming at the enemy, shoot & drag the enemy’s head quickly.

Jump Shot

Jump Shot is a shooting technique while jumping. This technique is very effective when facing enemies at close range, such as indoors.

As we know, auto aim in free fire games will automatically aim at the body. By shooting while jumping, if you are lucky the gun’s aim will rise towards the enemy’s head.

Weapons that are suitable for using the jump shot technique are short-range weapons such as the M1014 shotgun and MP40 submachine gun.

Squad Down Shot

Apart from shooting while jumping, it turns out there is also a squatting technique. This technique is better known to Indonesian survivors as the squat shot.

How to do the Sqruad Down Shot movement, namely before shooting, take a squatting position first, then aim at the enemy and then change to a standing position while pressing the shoot button.

4. FF Headshot Trick Using Long Range Weapons

To shoot long distance ff headshots you can use the shot and drag, semi taping and real scope techniques.

One of the pro players who has memorized the technique above is Letda Hyper. He is very good at using the Scar assault rifle.

5. FF Headshot Trick Using Close Range Weapons

Meanwhile, at close range, it is more effective to use the jump shot and shot and drag techniques.

A weapon that is suitable for jump shots is a shotgun, this technique is very popular with pro players with ID ff frontal gaming.

Easy Headshot FF Weapon

ff weapon easy headshot

Not all FF weapons are easy to use, each weapon has a different level of recoil. In free fire itself there are several types of weapons with different types of bullets.

Below are recommendations for the best ff weapon accuracy based on bullet type.

1. Submachine Gun

VECTOR is a medium range SMG weapon that does not use foregrip and stock items. Because this weapon is equipped with high accuracy, so it is not easy to miss aiming.

And the accuracy score given by Garena for Vector weapons is 61. Therefore, using Vector weapons for medium and close range is the right choice.

Complementary items that can be used on this weapon are Muzzle and Magazine.

2. Assault Rifle

There are 2 best AR weapons that I will recommend here. The first is the M4A1 which has the highest accuracy compared to other AR weapons, its accuracy score is 55.

The weakness of the M4A1 weapon is its low speed or rate of fire and not too long distance. However, you don’t need to worry because in the free fire game there are weapon skins that can increase the rate of fire and range.

The 2nd option is SCAR. This weapon is the best choice for survivors because it has a high rate of fire and long distance, but to use a scar weapon you really need a forgrip item.

Forgrip can help stabilize the recoil of scar weapons for easy headshots.

3. Stoner Rifle

If it’s an SR bullet weapon, you definitely already know the answer. Yes, AWM is the best choice for players who are good at using snipers.

AWM has the best accuracy compared to the KAR98K and M82B snipers. In terms of distance, it also has the highest score, namely 91.

It’s just that getting AWM is not easy, this weapon can only be obtained from treasure maps, bounties and air drops.

4. Shotgun Weapon

Lastly there is a melee weapon, namely the Shotgun. It is a little difficult to determine the best choice for this SG weapon, because each weapon has its own advantages and disadvantages.

However, based on the popularity of the M1014 and M1887, they are the most frequently used weapons, because these 2 weapons are quite easy to do a headshot on ff.

Players who are quite popular using the m1014 Shotgun are Frontal Gaming and BNL.

How to Headshot FF Using Cheats

ff headshot with cheat

It is no longer commonplace for cheats to be a shortcut in a game, including this free fire game. It’s not uncommon for players to want to become FF headshot cheaters.

Even though in the ff game the way to aim at the enemy is automatic or automatically hits the target, for some reason there are still people who cheat.

How to Use FF Cheats?

As far as I know, people who use cheats use special applications that can change or modify the program in the free fire game.

So the person installs the Citer application on their cellphone, then runs the Citer program on the application, after the Citer application is running then opens the Free Fire game application, the FF cheat will automatically be active.

For example, as was done by Ruok FF, this Thai FF player once experienced a case of using cheats when playing games. However, this news is still speculation by YouTube viewers, it has not been proven to be true FF tweets.

FF Auto Headhsot Cheat Application Info

As stated above, in the free fire game you can use a cheat application to get an easy headshot. However, to use the ff auto headshot hack apk, your cellphone needs to be rooted.

Currently, there are many people who can make FF headshots. With the help of applications and config that can help players shoot auto headshots.

Here are some of the best ff auto headshot cheat applications that are often used by streamers:

  1. Bellara VIP
  2. GameGuardian
  3. Freedom
  4. Cheat Engine
  5. Lucky Patcher
  6. Nicco Apk
  7. Novuz
  8. Ruok Cheats

It’s best to avoid the Citer application above, because it will cause a permanent ban on your free fire account. It’s better to learn FF headshots without cheats, even though it takes quite a long time to practice.

The final word

That’s the technique or method for FF headshots without cheats that you can learn. Very useful, right? By knowing the ff headshot trick above, it will be easier for you to win the game and get Booyah!

That’s the article on the number 1 free fire game, hopefully it’s useful!

Don’t forget to share this article so that your FF playing friends can find out about the latest headshot techniques too.

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