How to Headshot FF Using Desert Eagle and Its Sensitivity

How to Headshot FF Using Desert Eagle – In the Free Fire game, there are various types of weapons that can be selected according to comfort and terrain conditions.

If you have been a Free Fire player for a long time, you must be quite familiar with this type of weapon, namely the Desert Eagle. Especially if you often watch or follow live streaming events of the Free Fire game either on Facebook or YouTube, they use this type of weapon a lot.

This Desert Eagle weapon has been quite popular recently among Free Fire players. Not without reason, but this weapon has quite a lot of damage when it hits the target. However, there are several special tricks that Desert Eagle users should know.

Because this weapon will not guarantee you a perfect headshot. Therefore, in this article we will invite you to learn more about the Desert Eagle weapon and tips on how to use it to successfully take a headshot on ff.

About Desert Eagle Weapons

The Desert Eagle is a type of gun-shaped weapon, if in the real world it is a weapon belonging to Israel Military Industries. The Desert Eagle’s extraordinary performance and high damage make this type of weapon popular among the military and widely used.

Apart from the real world, it turns out that Desert Eagle is also popular in Free Fire because of its painful damage. However, even so, this type of weapon is more suitable to be used as a secondary weapon.

Not only that, the Desert Eagle is also very suitable for use or use in close combat. This is because the Desert Eagle has a very short shooting range or long range and large recoil.

How to Headshot FF Using Desert Eagle

The following are the steps for shooting a headshot using Desrt Eagle.

  1. Reload the bullets until they are filled.
  2. Point the Red Dot position towards the enemy.
  3. If the enemy has been hit by AIM, immediately press and hold the shoot button while moving up.
  4. Make the red dot shift stably and quickly.

That’s how it works, friends, it’s very easy. You just need practice to get used to aiming shots at your opponent’s head.

Don’t forget to use your version of the best auto headshot ff sensitivity, to make it easier to hit the enemy’s head target.

Desert Eagle FF Auto Headshot Sensitivity

To make headshots easier when using the Desert Eagle in the game, you also need to change the sensitivity settings to suit the Desert Eagle. The following is the ff auto headshot sensitivity of the Desert Eagle weapon:

  • Look Around: 90
  • Red Dot Sight: 88
  • 2x Scope: 76
  • 4x Scope: 75
  • AWM Scope: 50
  • Look around: 50

Tips for Using Desert Eagle

As explained, the Desert Eagle is a handgun type weapon or what is called a pistol. In fact, a gun is not very useful and is often used as a secondary weapon in battle.

But make no mistake, if you use it well then this Desert Eagle type weapon can be a type of weapon that is quite deadly and has strong damage.

If you also want to know how to use Desert Eagle properly in Free Fire, follow the effective tips below.

1. Use As a Secondary Weapon

As previously mentioned, the Desert Eagle weapon is a pistol type weapon and is more suitable for use as a secondary weapon.

Use this Desert Eagle weapon when your main weapon is reloading. This is what is called the use of weapons as backup or secondary weapons.

When the main weapon you are using is reloading, immediately replace it and use this Desert Eagle.

2. Use it in the Early Game

In fact, this Desert Eagle weapon is the best weapon suitable for use in the early game. In general, most enemies are not interested in using pistols at the start.

On this occasion, you can use it to kill as many enemies as possible when they are looking for weapons and items.

3. Kill when the enemy knocks

A pistol type weapon like the Desert Eagle is more suitable for killing enemies at close range. When the enemy is knocked or down, get closer and finish them off as quickly as possible using this Desert Eagle weapon.

The final word

That’s a glimpse of information about the Desert Eagle weapon, from understanding it to tips on using it to auto headshot.

Hopefully the information above can make it easier for you to use this Desert Eagle weapon.

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