How to Hide WhatsApp Status from Certain People

Let me guess, you must be looking for a trick or a way to hide your WhatsApp status from certain people, such as your boyfriend, family or anyone else who doesn’t need to see your latest WA status.

If yes, don’t worry because on this occasion I want to share how.

WhatsApp status updates or WhatsApp stories are what social media users need. Either to tell someone by sarcasm, selling online, sharing positive activities, showing off goods or something else.

Yes, this feature is really liked and has many benefits. We as users can share status either in image, audio, video or just text. The features are similar to those on Instagram and Facebook, maybe because they’re both from the same company.

By default, the WhatsApp status that you upload can be seen by all WhatsApp contacts, both of whom have saved numbers for each other.

But, did you know that WhatsApp provides a feature where users can control who can see their WhatsApp status. Yes, this feature really exists and is really needed by many people.

This feature is already available in the official WhatsApp application, no need for GB WhatsApp or other applications. How about it, are you really curious and want to know how? OK, let’s look at the steps below.

How to Hide WhatsApp Status from Certain People

Just so you know, the tutorial and pictures I show below are the iPhone version of WhatsApp, the appearance may be a little different from Android, but the method is still the same.

Steps on how to hide WhatsApp status from certain people:

  1. Open WhatsApp Settings.
  2. Select an option Account Then Privacy.
  3. Next select an option Status.
  4. whatsapp status settings
  5. There are 3 options in this setting, you choose Share Only With….
  6. Please select contacts anyone can see your WhatsApp Status.
  7. 7. Then click Finished.
  8. WhatsApp status settings have been successful.
  9. Hide WA status from other people

In the image above, I made the status settings to only show the 3 selected contacts. So apart from the 3 selected WA contacts, you won’t see my WhatsApp status again until I change the settings.

WhatsApp Status Privacy Explained

To clarify the existing setting options, here are the differences between the 3 WhatsApp status settings:

  • My contact : If you choose this, all WA contact lists on your cellphone can see your WhatsApp status.
  • My Contacts, Except : Everyone in your cell phone contacts can see the wa story, except for the people you choose who can’t see it.
  • Share Only With : Only people you select from the contact list can see WA status.

The final word

Those are the settings or how to hide WhatsApp status from certain people. Very easy isn’t it? Yes, of course, because this setting has been provided by WhatsApp so you don’t need to install any additional applications.

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