How to Increase Battery Health iPhone X, XR, XS, 11, 12, 13 Pro Max

How to Increase iPhone Battery Health – iPhone Battery Health is an important factor because the iPhone has a battery health score or status feature. As the iPhone battery is used for a long time, it will definitely decrease.

When the iPhone battery decreases below 80%, the battery will run out more quickly, the battery will charge faster, the iPhone will heat up quickly until the battery power suddenly drops drastically.

So, is there a way to increase iPhone battery health? So, on this occasion we will discuss it.

Can iPhone Battery Health Go Up?

Before going to the question of how to increase battery health, you might be thinking can battery health increase?

The only way to increase battery health is to replace a new battery component, so that the iPhone’s Battery Health status will return to 100%.

The decline in battery health on any mobile device will continue to occur during use, and is permanent. So there is no way or trick to increase iPhone battery health, even if there is, it might only be the status.

What we can do for the iPhone battery is to use it well, which means using and charging the iPhone correctly so that the iPhone battery lasts longer.

From my experience using the iPhone 7 Plus, the iPhone’s 100% battery health dropped to 80% after approximately 2 years of safe use. Provided that it is used normally and uses an original charger or one that is MFi certified.

How to Increase iPhone Battery Health

The iPhone battery health is the same as the Android type which can also decrease, but if you want to use it there is a way to increase the iPhone battery health correctly, at least to make it durable or stable. This way, the performance of the cellphone gets better. For this reason, several things need to be done to maintain the iPhone battery as below:

1. Software Update

Sometimes software needs to be updated. Using the latest version of iOS is definitely more optimal in terms of battery power usage, it’s not surprising that after updating iOS to a newer version, battery usage feels longer lasting. However, it does not rule out the possibility that the opposite will happen.

2. Remove the Case While Charging

When charging the battery, it’s also a good idea to remove the casing on the iPhone. Because, using a casing is also quite influential for those of you who are charging your cellphone and is a bit annoying. If this becomes an obstacle and interferes, it will cause the battery to become damaged quickly. Therefore, the way to increase iPhone battery health can also be by removing the casing.

3. Avoid High Temperatures

Next, there are also things that can make the iPhone battery last longer, namely avoiding high temperatures when charging the battery. For an iPhone, the adequate room temperature range is 16 degrees Celsius to 22 degrees Celsius.

4. Don’t charge it fully

Octoberbe you will be confused and ask why you can’t fully charge your iPhone to be able to use the method to increase iPhone battery health. But in this case, what this means is that if you want to store your iPhone for a long period of time, it is recommended to fully charge the cellphone. Because, if it is fully filled it can reduce its maximum capacity.

5. Use an original charger

It is highly recommended to charge the battery or charger for iPhone type cellphones using the original charger. Because, it will affect the durability of the battery. Basically it also applies to all types of cellphones, including Android types, but more specifically for cellphones with the Apple logo. Because, the power supplied if it is not with an original charger does not match the capacity of the cellphone itself.

6. Turn off Bluetooth and Location Services

To save cell phone battery, you should turn off Bluetooth devices or other location services if they are not needed. That way, the battery will last longer. Because the use of services and feature facilities like that does affect the durability of the battery.

7. Lower the Screen Brightness

Long battery life can also come from the brightness of the screen on the cellphone, including this type of iPhone series. because the brighter the light used, the more wasteful the battery will be, making the battery less durable and prone to leaking. Adjust the screen brightness to the light needs around you, don’t be too bright or dim which could damage your eyes.

8. Take advantage of Optimize Battery Charging

The last thing that influences whether or not the battery on an iPhone lasts is the optimal use of battery charging itself. This means that every cellphone, especially the iPhone type, has an optimized charging facility which is useful for making the battery last longer when charging.

Causes of iPhone Battery Health Decreased

If you already know how to increase iPhone battery health so that it lasts longer, you also need to know the reasons why the battery can decrease/decreased. That is because:

  • Long battery life
  • Exposure to extreme temperatures
  • Bad battery charging
  • Using your iPhone while it’s charging
  • Do not use the original charger
  • Charging cycles have exceeded 500 times

The final word

That’s information about the causes of a declining iPhone battery and several ways to improve iPhone battery health correctly, so that the battery can last longer and not experience leaks or other problems.

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