How to Increase Blog Ranking on Google Easily

Do you want to increase your blog ranking on Google, get ranking number 1 on Google and add visitors to your blog quickly? It’s easy, here I will share the tips.

Getting rank 1 on Google is an achievement that bloggers all over the world want to achieve. By getting this position, our blog will be visited by many people.

Therefore, learning the science of increasing blog ranking is a must for bloggers. Luckily you have visited the right blog page, because here I will share my knowledge.

Let’s see in full below.

How to Increase Blog Ranking on Google

There are lots of tips and tricks for increasing blog ranking that have been shared by SEO experts on the internet, you just need to read and practice what they share.

Here I will also share a little experience of how blogs appear at the top of Google searches. And now I want to share how blogs appear at the top of Google.

OK, let’s get straight to the tips.

1. Update quality articles consistently

The first thing that must be considered when building a blog is creating content. The blog owner must be able to create quality articles for his blog.

The quality article in question is an article whose content is correct, aka not fraudulent, can solve the problem that visitors are looking for, and has a more complete explanation than the one on page 1 of Google.

Article updates must be done consistently, for example in 1 week publishing 3-5 articles. So, these activities must be consistent, at least 6-12 months so that the results are satisfactory.

2. Create articles that are SEO friendly

Just creating quality articles is not enough, you also have to learn to write articles on SEO friendly blogs. This means that the articles you create can fulfill the wishes of the Google algorithm or robot.

Some things you need to pay attention to when writing SEO friendly articles are placing targeted keywords in the title, first, middle and last paragraphs, then optimizing images, optimizing links and much more.

Octoberbe later I will create a special article to discuss SEO friendly article optimization, hopefully I will have time to write it.

3. Blog Appearance Optimization

Here are some things you need to pay attention to when looking at your blog:

  • Optimizing the appearance of the mobile version of the blog
  • As we know, smartphone users are currently increasing drastically, with rapidly developing technology, today’s smartphones can do anything easily.

    One activity that is often used on smartphones is browsing and reading articles on blogs. Therefore, the appearance of your blog must be responsive and neat when accessed by mobile devices.

  • Easy Blog Navigation
  • Set blog navigation to make it easier for visitors to find and read articles on your blog. Create a navigation menu or article labels, widgets for popular articles and the latest articles.

    By making easy navigation, visitors can feel at home reading articles. The longer visitors stay on the blog, the Google bot will note that your blog and articles can help people, ultimately your blog can get plus points and increase in ranking.

  • Fix Loading Time
  • We all know that waiting is very annoying, and so is waiting for a long time to load a web page.

    Optimize your blog’s loading speed as much as possible so that visitors don’t run away when visiting. The Google robot will also know the visitor’s activities. If the blog is abandoned quickly by visitors, the Google bot will give a bad rating, ultimately the blog’s ranking will drop.

  • Fix Broken Links
  • Regularly check whether the blog contains broken links (errors when visited), if there are errors, fix them immediately. A 404 error page has quite an impact on a blog’s ranking, so make sure your blog is safe from broken links.

4. Provide Quality Backlinks for Blogs

To increase blog rankings quickly, many bloggers buy and use backlink services every month.

Look for cheap but quality backlinks. You can get these backlinks on sites that provide backlink services, for example

I often buy backlinks there, I can choose any blog that has good quality and of course the blog still discusses the same topics as the blog.

The final word

Those are some tips on how to increase your blog ranking on Google quickly and easily. Do the method above consistently so that your blog has good value in Google searches.

Efforts to increase your blog’s position to the top cannot be done in 1 day, it will take months for your blog’s ranking to stabilize in that position. As successful people say, there is no instant way to achieve success.

So when you start a blog from 0, don’t give up quickly! Let’s get excited about blogging.

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