How to Install PPSSPP, Play PSP Games on Android Smartphone – There are many types and genres of Android games. But if you want to try something new, there’s no harm in trying out PSP games on smartphones Android uses the PPSSPP emulator which is available for free on the Google Play Store.

PPSSPP is an abbreviation for PlayStation Portable Simulator Suitable for Playing Portably. As the name suggests, this application is a special emulator for running games from the console handheld Sony PlayStation Portable or popularly known as PSP.

In short, you don’t need the console to play PSP games, just install the application on it smartphones Your Android or Windows-based PC.

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There are two types of PPSSPP available on the Google Play Store, the regular version which is free and PPSSPP Gold for IDR 19 thousand. The free variant of course has ads with limited features, while PPSSPP Gold offers higher capabilities.

PPSSPP Gold offers graphic quality up to Full HD, allowing users to save progress games and transfer them to other phones, without ads, for faster game processing.

If you want to try PSP games on Android, here’s how to install the PPSSPP application and install the game on it smartphones.

  1. Search for ‘PPSSPP’ in the Google Play Store, and decide whether to install the free or Gold version. Our suggestion is to use the Gold one so that it has more complete features and no ads.
  2. Because it has a Save feature, it is recommended to create a new folder in smartphones as a place to save your game results.
  3. Also allow PPSSPP to access the folder, as well as provide access to the Download folder.
  4. Access to the Download folder is intended so that the application can run files in the ISO format that have been downloaded.
  5. So, search for PSP games on Google. You can use the keywords ‘PSP ISO games’, ‘PPSSPP games’, and other related keywords.
  6. Usually you will easily find game files with the ISO extension.
  7. Generally, downloaded games are still saved in Zip files. Extract the file so that the game ISO file in it can be read by PPSSPP.

  8. In PPSSPP, press Load and select the ISO of the game you want to play. Automatically, you can play PSP games on smartphones Android easily.
  9. To make the graphics even better, go to settings and check them Auto Frameskip. Don’t forget to also set the gameplay display in the section Display Layout & Effects.

  10. For games that have been played and the ISO file is still saved, they will appear in the section Recent.

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How, it’s easy to install PPSSPP and play PSP games on it smartphones Android? PSP games are really fun, good enough to accompany you while waiting for the Maghrib drums, and also nostalgic.

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