How to keep your iPhone battery healthy so it lasts longer

Hello friends, on this occasion I will share various tips or ways to maintain the health of your iPhone battery, tips so that the health of your iPhone battery does not decrease and the causes of iPhone battery health decreasing.

Battery Health is the newest feature available since iOS 11, as well as a reference for whether the battery components on an iPhone device can still be used properly in the long term or not.

It’s natural that the maximum capacity of Battery Health is reduced, meaning you use your iPhone every day and if you don’t want to reduce it, don’t use it, leave it alone, it’s guaranteed to stay at the current percentage.

Can iPhone Battery Health be improved or added?

If what you mean is to increase the percentage of the maximum battery capacity automatically, then the answer is clearly not possible.

The only way to restore iPhone battery health to 100% as before is to replace the iPhone battery with a new and original one.

If you use an OEM KW battery, especially a fake one, you just have to wait for your iPhone to break down. So, how do you prevent iPhone battery health from decreasing quickly? It turns out there are several tips for maintaining the health of your iPhone battery, guys, see them in full below.

How to keep your iPhone battery healthy so it lasts

To maintain the health of your iPhone’s battery so that it doesn’t run out quickly and become damaged, there are several tips for using it that you should follow. Following are tips for maintaining iPhone battery health that you need to know.

1. Make Sure To Use Original Charger

To maintain the health of your iPhone battery, don’t occasionally use a non-original charger head, let alone use another brand of charger, of course this is very dangerous, because the iPhone itself already regulates the voltage on the original charger head.

2. Use an MFI Labeled Charger

Of course, for iPhone users who have been using a fast charger for a long time, so that charging is faster, because the iPhone 11 Promax series and below takes a long time to charge, so I suggest that if you buy a fast charger, buy an MFI like Ugreen.

3. Don’t charge your iPhone while it’s hot

If you want your iPhone to charge, don’t plug it in straight away. If your iPhone is hot, for example after playing a game your cellphone automatically heats up, don’t charge it straight away, guys, because this will cause your battery health to quickly decline.

4. Use an Air Cooler When Playing Games

Apart from your battery not running out quickly because it doesn’t get hot, using an air cooler is very helpful in keeping your cellphone cool. Water coolers or air cushions are often sold on the market at low prices.

Causes of iPhone Battery Health Decreasing Drastically

You also need to know what causes the iPhone battery to degrade quickly and become damaged. Even though all batteries will be damaged, if we know the cause we can extend the battery usage time, right? So here are the reasons why your iPhone battery health is rapidly decreasing.

1. Use of Non-Genuine Charger

Using a non-genuine charger can cause iPhone battery health to decline. This is because fake chargers cannot meet the safety standards for charging iPhone batteries.

As a result, both in the near and long term it can permanently damage battery components. So, before you charge your iPhone, it would be better if you make sure to use an original charger first. Whether it’s from the adapter side or the cable.

2. Using iPhone While Charging

If you are used to using your iPhone while it is charging, it is not impossible that the battery’s health will quickly deteriorate, heat up, or even run out more quickly. The reason is, this habit can be one of the causes of the rapid decline in iPhone battery health.

What’s more, the battery in the iPhone will work harder when charging while in use. As a result, the temperature inside the battery will increase and have an impact on the health of the battery itself. So, as much as possible avoid using the iPhone while it is charging.

The final word

If you have implemented some of the tips and know the causes above, then it will help so that your iPhone battery will not be damaged quickly. In other words, the iPhone can last longer and last longer. Most importantly, the iPhone doesn’t heat up quickly and runs well when operated.

However, if you have followed some of the tips above but your iPhone battery health continues to decline and the battery is getting drained, you can replace the battery with a new one.

At certain points or certain types, perhaps the tips above have different applications. However, the steps remain the same. The only difference may be appearance.

That’s a review of how to maintain iPhone battery health. Hopefully it’s useful.

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