How to Leave a Facebook Group without Other Members Knowing

You have a Facebook account for various purposes in online media. Apart from communicating, this social media also provides a group feature whose members can reach hundreds of thousands, perhaps unlimited. Anyone can create and delete Facebook groups.

How to leave a Facebook group is quite easy and can even be done by anyone at any time. There are other situations where you leave a group automatically, namely the group was deleted intentionally or not

What is a Facebook Group

Facebook groups are a feature for creating a Facebook member group, usually containing members who know each other, certain communities, alumni parks and so on.

As previously explained, leaving the group is not difficult. Members have the right to leave without needing to provide a statement. Facebook has enhanced its privacy features for this purpose. When you are no longer part of a group, notifications and others also don’t appear.

Plus, other people won’t know if you’re no longer in the group. This condition applies to groups that have many members. However, small, private groups are filled with people who know each other.

They may find that your account is no longer in that group. Of course, this situation is not your problem because the right to leave belongs to the member.

How to Leave a Facebook Group without Knowing

Currently, social media such as Facebook is available in a mobile application version. You can install the Facebook application then log in with the help of email or telephone number. After that, social media activities can be carried out directly via smartphone.

However, you join some groups and some are annoying. Additionally, certain groups are no longer active so you may want to leave the Facebook group without other members knowing.

Here are the steps to leave a Facebook group:

  1. Open the Facebook application then tap Group icon.
  2. Select the Facebook Group you want to leave.
  3. Next, look for the menu with the sign point three in the top right corner.
  4. Click the three dot icon then select an option Leave Group.
  5. If confirmation appears, just select Leave from Group.
  6. Done, you are no longer a member of the FB group.

If the group settings are public, you may still be able to read some content. However, members who have left a private group can no longer access all content. The same goes for notifications, you don’t receive them anymore.

You need to know, other people who are members, even admins, will not know that you have left the group.

This is part of the privacy policy implemented by Facebook. Members are free to leave voluntarily, i.e. on their own initiative. This solution is very practical and anyone can do it.

How to Leave a Facebook Group without an Application

For Facebook users who don’t have the Facebook application installed on their device, don’t worry, because you can leave a Facebook group without the application. The method is equally easy, with just a few steps.

Here are the steps:

  1. Open the Chrome browser application.
  2. Visit the Facebook link
  3. First log in to your Facebook account.
  4. After that, look for the menu that displays group list.
  5. You will see several groups where you are a member or admin. If it’s still not visible, click see more groups list.
  6. Next, look for the three-dot menu and click Leave Group.
  7. The process of leaving the Facebook group has been completed.

Leave a Facebook Group with the Help of the Group Admin

The way to leave other Facebook groups is with the help of the admin. Remember, the ultimate goal is to leave the group. You can do this personally or by asking the admin for help to be removed from the group, do this procedure correctly, namely sending messages in polite language.

They (admins) are members who have advantages in managing groups such as content, discussions, permissions, posts, including deleting members from the groups they create.

That’s a review of how to leave a group on Facebook, hopefully it’s useful.

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