How to Login to TikTok without an Application on a Cellphone and Laptop

TikTok being one of the most popular social networks today, on the Play Store the number of downloads has exceeded 100 million users. With short video content and a mix of cool songs, its users are increasing. There are those who open TikTok using the application and there are also those who log in to TikTok without the application.

For some people (especially men) installing the TikTok application on their cellphone may be a little strange and embarrassing. It’s not uncommon for close friends to mock “man, why does his cellphone have the TikTok application”.

Yes, as we know, initially the TikTok application was known for its video content of beautiful girls dancing in quite vulgar clothes.

However, as time goes by, now TikTok video content is very diverse. Not only for entertainment and existence, but now it contains lots of educational videos, business learning, tutorials, tips and tricks that are useful for us.

So, for those of you who still don’t want to install the TikTok application but want to see TikTok videos without the application, there’s a way! Without waiting long, let’s go straight to the tutorial below.

How to Login to TikTok without the Application

How to log in to TikTok without an application is actually easy, because TikTok also provides a web version. Users can access the web version of TikTok at the address

Follow the steps for logging in to TikTok without the application below:

  1. First open the Google Chrome browser or other browser.
  2. open the google chrome browser
  3. Next, type and open the site
  4. open tiktok in browser without tiktok app
  5. You can see TikTok videos on FYP or the home page.
  6. Unfortunately, logging in to TikTok without the application cannot be continued if you are not logged in to your account. You can only view videos on FYP with 2 contents, after that TikTok will give a warning to visitors to log in to their TikTok account.

    So, the next step, please click the button Enter.

    Login to TikTok account
  7. There are many options to enter TikTok, you can use:
  • Phone number/email/username
  • Facebook
  • Google
  • LINE
  • Twitter
  • and KakaoTalk

Please log in according to what you want, if I prefer to enter TikTok with a Username.

go to tiktok

How to Login to TikTok on a Laptop without an Application

Open TikTok on PC

The steps to open TikTok on a laptop are as follows:

  1. Open the Google Chrome browser or any browser installed on your PC.
  2. Then visit
  3. Login using your TikTok account.
  4. Done, you can view TikTok videos without the application. You can upload videos, search for TikTok IDs and much more.

How to View TikTok Videos without the Application

Basically, all social networking applications must have an official site, and the same goes for the TikTok social network. In terms of appearance, it is usually almost the same as the application, but there are differences only in terms of features.

How to view other people’s TikTok videos without an application is very easy, you can directly visit the TikTok website at look at the videos on the homepage.

Don’t forget to log in using your TikTok account so you can view unlimited TikTok videos. The appearance of the web version of TikTok fyp is as follows.

fyp tiktok

Is it possible to find a TikTok ID without an application?

We cannot find a TikTok ID without an application on a cellphone, because the TikTok ID search feature can only use the official TikTok application.

We can open TikTok without an application, but important features such as ID search and TikTok effects cannot be done. Because the search feature can only be used in the TikTok application.

To prove it, here is what TikTok search looks like in the browser.

search for tiktok id without application

If you look at the image above, you don’t see the search column or button, right? Only the Users, Sounds and Hashtags menus are visible. And below a list of only famous TikTok accounts appears. So we can’t find the TikTok ID without the application.

Meanwhile, the TikTok search feature from the official application is as follows.

tiktok search feature in the app

In the TikTok application there is a search column, you can search for TikTok IDs or accounts, TikTok effects, the most popular TikTok hashtags and audio that is currently being used by many people.

To get a comprehensive experience, TikTok itself always recommends users to open TikTok through its official application.

It’s different if you open the TikTok website from a PC. The appearance of TikTok web on PC is better and neater, and the features provided are also more complete when compared to the mobile version of TikTok web.

The TikTok web looks like this on PC, guys.

Search for TikTok IDs and videos without the application

By opening the TikTok web on your PC, we can search for IDs, view unlimited TikTok videos, upload TikTok videos and much more.

The final word

That’s a tutorial on how to log in to TikTok without the application and view other people’s TikTok videos without installing the TikTok application.

Very easy isn’t it? You only need a browser application to open the TikTok web and log in so you can play videos on TikTok without limits.

Please follow the steps above. That’s all for this article about TikTok, I hope it can help.

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